Trend of Silver Filigree in India

The Indian artisans have mastered the technique of producing gorgeous filigree and other ornaments.

Very fine silver wires are the base stuff for filigree work and these products objects of  rare charm. Pure silver bar is first melted with along with a small quantity of lead. It is then cast into sticks or bars by running molten silver into iron molds. Then, Fine silver wires are drawn by passing through a series of draw plates and discs. The wire is then compressed and cut into different sizes as per the need of the design. Patterns are formed and placed in their position and soldered cautiously. The entire thing, when done, is cleaned and polished.

The tools used are usual goldsmith’s tools. Small machinery are used for drawing wire and plate-making.

Ornaments of various types like necklace, bracelets, pendants, hair pins, bangles, ear rings etc. are the main items of production.

Brass filigree work is also practiced in India. The products are plated in gold and have good export market.

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