Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts in India

The Handicrafts of Cane and Bamboo is one of the oldest crafts known to man. It is universally practiced at various regions throughout India.

India is had a rich source of cane and bamboo materials, and the Indian artisans had a practice to produce stunning utility articles. These items are meant for household uses. In modern days, various forms of decorative items are also made out of cane and bamboo.

Baskets of different kinds have significant place. These baskets are of various types. The ordinary work baskets of day labours are made of bamboo. There is great demand of decorated travel basket in modern days. Even gift items are packed in small bamboo baskets.

Bamboo baskets are also used to keep clothes. They are light in weight. They are strong enough to meet the demand of the travelers.

Bamboo cane basket is also made to keep valuable items. They are made of thinly sliced bamboo. Baskets of bamboo canes are available all over the country. It forms an important feature in the indigenous economy of a rural India.

Bamboo fans of different sorts are also common. Fans of various sizes and shapes are produced in large quantity to meet the rural requirements.

The decorative value of Bamboo craft items is huge. The utilitarian aspect of these bamboo articles serves as an added attraction. The range of bamboo products is wide from boxes, chairs, teapots, baskets, hand bags, etc.  Carving work on bamboo is also seen in some cases.

There are purely decorative items as well. These are bamboo toys, models of ships and boats, wall hangings, etc. These products are famous for their graceful forms, beautiful designs and excellent craftsmanship.

The fancy bamboo products are largely destined for city markets. The centers of production of traditional and fancy products are also different. While the traditional artisans are found in the villages, the production unit for fancy bamboo items revolves around the cities.

The craft of Bamboo cane is full time employment of thousands of people in India. These artisans are also engaged in making decorative items. There are seasonal artisans for making baskets.

Bamboo matting is the choice of modern people for decorating their houses.

Like bamboo, cane is also widely used for creating baskets of different sizes and shapes. Cane is also used to make bags, boxes and other items of utility. Good quality cane is costly which has been replaced by cheaper plastic cane and strips.

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