Wood craft in India

The art of wood carving is very old craft in India. Since time immemorial, man had started decorating his home by using wood carving methods. They used to make dolls and toys for their children. Wood craft in India is a common heritage and is found to exist across all parts of the country.

The traditional craftsmen used wood, stone, earth and colour for painting as raw materials. They skillfully carved doors, door frames and brackets in palaces and temples.

Images of Gods, Idols and Deities were also made of Wood. Sacred woods were used in such creations. The wood carvers had to retain strict austerity throughout the period they were occupied in the work. There was no restriction on the usage of colour and varnish. We can see carved wooden symbols in the rural areas which reminds us of a tribal heritage.

Wood craft is still being used for carving toys and dolls. The modern wood carving has touched a new height of sculpuresque perfection. At maintain traditional local flavor at the same time.

The religious product includes images of gods and legendary figures like Durga, Ganesha, etc. Some craftsmen carve a single piece of wood to form an object. These attempts are made for artistic demonstration. Some distinct forms and shapes of items of wood craft have come down from remote past and some innovative forms have been evolved maintaining the custom and simplicity.

In the past, these wood craft items such as toys, dolls, idols, etc. were meant for local market. There is a great demand for these wooden products as decorative items. The mostly carry decorative value in modern society.

Some wood artisans make wooden masks depicting customary religious sentiments.

The tools used for Wood craft are mainly the carpenter’s tools, carving chisels and the wood.  The woods that they use are soft and are easily available.

There are thousands of wood craftsmen making pieces of wood carved items of exceptional beauty.

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