Terracotta Art (Folk art of Bengal)

The well ornamented terracotta art of the earlier period still prettify several temples and adjacent structures in India. The art of making terracotta clay tiles was known to the clay workers even during the period of Indus valley civilization.

The artists of Bengal used these terracotta works for architectural purpose. Stones are not readily available in Bengal. These artists challenged this limitation and turned the alluvial soil of the lower Bengal basin into an object of art for architectural decoration of the temples.

From archaeological excavations at Paharpur, Mahasthangarh and other places it is obvious that terracotta tiles were in use to embellish temple facades in Bengal long before the Sultans came.

The makers of these exceptional terracotta tiles were probably cottage architect and were proficient in wood carving and in constructing temples. They copied the peculiar curved shape of the cottages in building these temples. They introduced various designs in terracotta tiles for decorative purposes.

Terracota art work is getting growing recognition for interior and exterior decoration of buildings, shops, pavilions etc.

The Indian terracotta worker shows the true artistic feeling and skill  thourgh his handwork.

There is large number of terracotta artisans working for clay craft, terracotta and glazed pottery in India.

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