Remedies for Water Pollution

Remedies for Water Pollution

Pollution of pond water, source of drinking water and the water used by human being in their day to day life must be prevented. But it is too tough to control reverine water pollution. The following remedial measures may be taken to improve the environment:

Sewage water must not be directly poured into any water body. Before pouring sewage water must be treated with lime or by any other means.

In pond or in any other water body urination or defections must be not being done. Polluted waters should not be consumed.

Awareness campaigns for drinking boiled water should be encouraged.

Stagnant water should be removed to prevent breeding of mosquito. When water borne diseases appear it must be detected and vaccination should be done accordingly.

Factory owners should take appropriate measures to stop the discharge of waste into lake, rivers and oceans.

General awareness to the common people about health should be increased by means of seminar, symposiums etc.

Care must be given specially to children and the diseased person, separately.

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