Short Speech on Global Warming

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to present my speech on Global Warming.

Global warming is the increase in temperature of planet earth’s atmosphere, mainly caused by human activities.

As we all know that, the presence of greenhouse gases in high proportions is the major cause of Global Warming. These gases absorb the sun’s infrared radiation (IR) and cause a surge in atmosphere’s temperature.

Greenhouse gases are those harmful gas such as CO2, CFCs, etc. that causes the greenhouse effect. The gases that are released in the environment while burning of fossil fuels (such as oil, coal, and natural gases) are mostly greenhouse gases that causes Global Warming.

The fumes released or emitted out of vehicles and factories also contain greenhouse gases.

In many rural areas, wood is still being burnt and used as fuel for cooking food. Apart from global warming, these smoke direct effect the health of the person cooking the food. Such people are prone to air-borne diseases such as asthma.

Global warming is an environmental issue. It will affect the entire world. Since, the causes of global warming are mostly related to human activities, its control is also in our hands. If we make deliberate efforts to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, we can slow down the pace of Global Warming.

Firstly, we can raise the awareness regarding the negative consequences of using wood as cooking fuels, fossil fuels in electricity generation.

Then, we can use less electricity, or rely on renewable energy such as solar panels.

The current emphasis on renewable energy sources, particularly solar energy, by major countries is a welcome move. On one hand, it will make us less dependence of thermal power generation. On the other hand, it will help us in solving the environmental problems such as global warming.

Further, automobile majors are developing technologies to make reliable electronic vehicles that runs on rechargeable batteries. Such vehicles would either not emit any gases or their emission rate would be at substantially lower levels.

Though much is being done, still much is left in the way we use fossil fuels. Hence, I urge everyone to do the things possible in their hands, so that the problem of global warming is resolved.

Thank You!

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