Short Essay on Handicapped People

The Handicapped and Their Problems

The word handicapped used to refer to a ‘person with a disability’. This is because the word handicap means ‘ obstacles, restrictions or barriers that makes the life difficult’.

Handicapped people are physically or mentally disabled people. A person with a disability is one who not able to do the major physical or mental function/s of life.

In our society there are many handicapped, disabled or physically disabled people. Some of them are physically born-handicapped and some others are mentally retarded. There are others who have lost limbs or sense organs on account of an attack of some diseases. Others are victims of accidents such as train or bus accidents, bomb-explosions, fire-burns etc, or injury in factories and so on.

In this or that way, they are deprived of the pleasure of enjoying a normal life. So we must not look down upon these persons as social burdens. They must be encouraged to face life boldly and to feel that life still holds the charm for them. They can be usefully employed in various craft and vocations befitting to them.

They can achieve great success if they are given enough opportunity. A man who is blind may develop a talent for music. Beethoven, who was deaf, became a world-famous musician. We can also take the example of Helen Keller who was blind, deaf and dumb but discovered a new horizon for the blind.

Sudha Chandran of our country is another instance who has become a celebrity as a dancer with her artificial leg and it has been possible for her iron-training to rehabilitate with dignity in our society.

It is not charity but fellow-feeling which they need. There are some philanthropic organizations and NGOs that are doing good work to rehabilitate the handicapped. The government has also taken some steps for the handicapped such as free journey by bus or by train, reservation of some employment etc.

But that is not enough. ‘Disabled people’ or ‘Differently abled people’ should get the emotional, financial, and physical support from the society. We should have sympathy for them. We should all come forward to fight against discrimination against differently abled people. Every person on earth deserves equal respect. As for the handicapped children the parents and other members of the society should have a soft corner in their hearts to acknowledge their position in the society.

Further, since disabled people are actually ‘differently abled’ people, they should get enough opportunity to sharpen their skills and bring out the amazing hidden talents.

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