Short Speech on Environment

Today, I am presenting a short speech on the Environment.

Our environment consists of all living beings and their surroundings. A healthy environment is one that is sustainable for a long period of time. We should all make attempts to stop exploiting the environment and keep it free from pollution.

Prior to the period of industrialization, the environment was in pretty good shape. The air was pure. The water resources were clean. The soil was fertile. People used to live happily in the natural environment.

However, due to industrialization and rapid urbanization, there has been massive exploitation of natural resources. The natural resources have been used carelessly without any care for the environment. For example, forests have been cleared relentlessly to making space for building new cities.

The need for electricity has burnt massive amount of coals resulting in polluting the environment. This has causes not only air pollution, but also global warming. Now the situation is that the earth’s atmosphere has become warmer because of the trapped heat. This is a dangerous situation.

We have further caused harm to the environment by using pesticides in agriculture. The soil quality has deteriorated and many fertile lands have turned barren.

We should all make, at-least small attempts, to save our environment. We can save electricity and water by not misusing it. We can reduce the consumption of plastic items. Organic farming is an answer to maintain the fertility of the soil. A robust sewage and waste disposal system will keep the water environment safe.

I hope that if each of us determines to make good the bad that has been done to the environment, we would be able to pass on a greener environment to our next generation.

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