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Short Speech on Earth Day

I am presenting a speech on Earth Day. Hope that you would find it useful! Earth Day is annually observed on 22nd April throughout the world to celebrate and honor planet earth, and its natural environment. The Earth Day movement is…

Short Speech on Pollution

I feel honored to present my speech on Pollution. Pollution is the unwanted process by which our environment becomes impure or dangerous. In our environment, there are many harmful substances or pollutants. The presence of pollutants in…

Short Speech on Global Warming

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to present my speech on Global Warming. Global warming is the increase in temperature of planet earth’s atmosphere, mainly caused by human activities. As we all know that, the presence…

How to Reduce Greenhouse Gases Emissions

How to Reduce Greenhouse Gases Emissions: Know about different Ways to Reduce Greenhouse Gases such as How to Reduce Greenhouse Gases in your Home, Power Stations, Agriculture, at School, from Cars, in Industry, etc.

Deforestation Solutions

Know how to Control and Stop Deforestation. Find Solutions to Prevent Deforestation, Measures to Protect Wildlife, Steps and Laws for Forest Conservation.

Short Speech on Environment

Today, I am presenting a short speech on the Environment. Our environment consists of all living beings and their surroundings. A healthy environment is one that is sustainable for a long period of time. We should all make attempts to…