Short Story of Goose that laid the Golden Egg

Moral of the short Story of Goose that laid the Golden Egg is that Greed brings grief.

Once there was a farmer in a certain village. The Farmer had a strange goose that laid a golden egg every day. The farmer sold the egg and got much money every day. Soon he became very rich.

But the farmer was greedy. He wanted to become richer still. He was not satisfied with one egg a day.

One day he thought to himself, “My goose gives me only one egg every day. But if I cut open her belly, I shall get all the golden eggs at once. Then I shall be the richest man in this village.”

So thinking, the farmer killed the goose with a sharp knife. But alas! There was not a single egg in her belly.

The farmer was very sad. He lost both the goose and the golden eggs.

Moral: Greed brings grief.

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