10 Lines on Trees

10 Lines On Trees

Please find below 10 lines on Trees

1. A tree is a grown-up plant with a wooden stem or trunk of considerable height, generally consisting of branches, leaves and fruits.

2. There are various species of trees such as fruit bearing, medicinal, etc.

3. Trees give us delicious fruits and satisfies our hunger.

4. Trees provide us shelter both during the rainy season and during the summer season.

5. People find comfort under the cool shadow of the branches of large trees such as banyan trees.

6. Trees are natural air purifiers and they help in saving the environment by controlling pollution.

7. Trees absorb greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and releases the much needed oxygen.

8. Trees prevent soil erosion by binding the soil.

9. Rapid urbanization has caused massive destruction of forests and trees.

10. We should plant trees and support forest development programs.


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