10 Lines on Independence Day in India

Please find below 10 Lines on Independence Day in India

1. India got its freedom from the British rule and became an independent country on the 15th of August, 1947.

2. Hence, this day is joyously celebrated by Indians as Independence Day, a National Festival.

3. This is a declared public holiday and schools, colleges and offices remain closed on this day.

4. Every human-beings wants to live free from external control and slavery.

5. Under the British rule, we were not able to make our own decisions and living our life at the mercy of foreigners.

6. In 1942, Gandhiji launched the popular movement called “Quit India Movement“, urged the Indians to “Do or Die” for their motherland and the Britishers were asked to leave our country.

7. It is said that “freedom is not free”, and this is true because many of our freedom fighters struggled and died in the course of claiming independence for our country.

8. On this day, the Tri-colour National Flag hoisting ceremony is held at several places.

9. The Indian National flag is unfurled and people sing songs such as “Jana Gana Mana” and “Vande Mataram”.

10. Every moments spend on the day of Independence Day are moments of proud for all Indians.

Independence Day
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