Short Paragraph on Health and Fitness

Keeping fit is engaging your body in activities that maintain it in good condition in terms of health as well as physical appearance.

Ways to keep fit include eating healthy food, exercising and avoiding harmful substances in the body.

How to stay fit and healthy? Health and fitness play an important role in our overall wellbeing. There should be a good balance between mind, body and soul. The following activities are suggested for health and fitness.

Play games and sports. When the body is active, it is able to metabolize well and keep in good shape. Sports and games allow the body to use op energy, increase blood circulation and eliminate harmful fats in the body.

Participate in yoga. Yoga has got a lot of fitness benefits such as flexibility, burn calories, increase blood flow, boosts immunity, lowers blood sugar and so much more. All these help to keep the body in good shape.

Eat healthy foods. What we choose to eat plays a very major role in our fitness. Proper food selection leads to eating healthy. Some of the best foods to eat so as to remain fit are vitamins found in vegetables and fruits, proteins found in whole grains and lean meat. Eat foods that have less oil, since too much oil can increase cholesterol levels which is harmful to the body.

Avoid alcohol and smoking. These two play a major role in putting our bodies at risk. Smoking caused lung diseases, whereas alcohol can affect the liver. They also affect our sleep, which is important for the body to remain healthy and in good shape.

Exercise regularly. Keeping fit goes hand in hand with exercising. Take at least thirty minutes a day to do some exercises. You can choose to go to the gym or do it at the comfort of your home. The best time to exercise is early in the morning when the body is fresh. Exercising improves the general health of the body.

Conclusion. Health and fitness go hand in hand, for you to be healthy you have to be fit. It is important to take some time away from your regular schedule to engage in fitness activities. Also, watch what you eat. It is said that you are what you eat.

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