Short Paragraph on Pollution Control

Introduction: Pollution is the introduction of harmful substances into the environment such as air, water and land making them unsuitable for use.

What is Pollution Control? Pollution control is the process of eliminating or reducing/ doing away with practices that harm the environment.

How to Control Pollution? The following measures can be taken for effective control of pollution.

Reduce the use of poly-bags. These cause a dirty and unhealthy environment to live in. instead of using poly-bags, try to use reusable bags especially when going for shopping.

Tree planting. Trees help to purify the air and act as water catchment areas. Practicing afforestation and reforestation leads to reduces chances of air pollution.

Have efficient drainage systems. Drainage is a key factor when it comes to the environment. Factories should avoid draining dirt into water bodies. This can lead to harmful diseases.

Create awareness. The government should have environmental education initiatives to create awareness on the importance of the environment. Tell people what is good or bad for the environment.

Practice proper waste disposal. Waste is a key factor when it comes to pollution. Having a system that takes care of waste such as renewable and non-renewable waste can help in pollution control.

Reduce the introduction of harmful gases into the air. Factories play a major role when it comes to air pollution. Use of renewable energy is encouraged. At a personal level, try to use public means of transport, walk or cycle.


Pollution control is an initiative that everyone of us should play a role in doing. It helps to keep the environment clean and reduces the chances of diseases and illnesses. Everyone should be responsible in their own way to reduce pollution.

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