Radiation Pollution: Sources and Effects of Radiation Pollution

Introduction: Man and all life forms on earth have evolved in a radiation environment. All non-living substances and generations of living beings are exposed to natural radiation. This is inevitable. The air we breathe, the water and beverages we drink, the food we eat are all parts of the same environment and contain radioactive materials, though in very small amounts. Thus atomic radiation is an inseparable part of our environment. It has been there from time immemorial.

Causes: Many are unaware of the existence of natural background radiation. The sources and causes of of these are extraterrestrial and terrestrial. The extraterrestrial natural radiation comes from outer space and hence these are called cosmic rays. The terrestrial natural radiation originates from the radioactive substances in the earth’s crust. These radiations irradiate the human body from outside: this exposure is known as External Exposure. ‘Internal Exposure’ arises from both these sources from naturally occurring n