ANM Full Form

What is the Full Form of ANM?

The acronym ANM stands for Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery. ANM is an undergraduate or postgraduate programme in the field of medical nursing. This course enables the pupils to get knowledge of basic treatment and medical care. It opens up the door to a health care profession, where the practitioners provide their nursing services to families and individuals. The course of ANM runs for 2 years, along with an internship for 6 months. You can get a diploma degree in ANM too. 

A Little Background Check:

In India, the ANM was mainly proposed by the Mukherjee Committee in 1966, to popularise the concept of health care in rural areas. During the ’50s and ’60s, the training of the ANM mainly focused on midwifery and maternal and child care. Later, the broader aspects of the ANM were taken into consideration, on the recommendation of the Srivastava Commission in 1975.

The National Rural Health Mission, set up in 2005, increased the importance of ANM and created a strong link between the mass and other healthcare facilities.

What are the Criteria?

There are some criteria that you must fulfill to secure a seat for the course of ANM. They are:

  • Aspirants must have a pass certificate in the 10+2 Board Examination
  • A minimum of 45% in the Board Exam is required to apply for the course
  • The medical and physical condition of the aspirant must be in good health
  • If any college conducts entrance examination, you need to secure the required cut off marks set by the college

Where Can You Study?

With the concept of ANM gaining importance, the country has seen the rise of a few excellent educational facilities that train their students in the course of ANM with their utmost focus and care. If you are aspiring to take up the course of ANM, then consider the following institutions:

  • Bengal Institute of Health Science 
  • Ambika College of Nursing
  • Amritsar School of Nursing
  • Bhavya Institute of Medical science and Research
  • Adarsh College of Nursing

What Do You Do After an ANM Degree?

After getting the degree of ANM, you can work at any health care facility. The responsibilities that you need to take up is to take care of the patients as well as help the doctors in treating the patients. We can list a few of the responsibilities here within:

  • Feeding meals to the patients
  • Providing timely medications to the patients
  • Washing. Toileting and dressing the patients who cannot these on their own, or to assist those patients who can perform these tasks on their own
  • Take care of the patients’ bedding
  • Maternal and child care
  • First aid and minor injury treatment

The Fields of Job:

After knowing about the full form of ANM and the other relevant information, you must not be thinking of job opportunities. There are some excellent fields where you can secure a good job for yourself:

  • Medical labs
  • Medical Colleges
  • Medical content Writing
  • Medical facilities like Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Community Health Centers 
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