Moral of the Fox and the Goat

The moral of the Fox and the Goat story is,“Look before you leap”.

One day a fox fell into a well. The well was not very deep. But its walls were steep. The fox tried again and again to come out of the well but in vain. So he was detained as a prisoner there.

After some time a thirsty goat came to the well and saw the fox.

“Hallo, Mr. Fox,” said the goat, “what are you doing there?”

“Drinking water, my dear friend,” said the fox.

The goat said, “I am very thirsty. Is the water of the well cool and sweet?”

“Here you will get plenty of sweet water,” said the fox, “Come down and drink water to your heart’s content.”

The goat believed the fox. He could not understand the real motive of the fox. So he thoughtlessly jumped down. The cunning fox at once got upon his horns. He easily came out of the well and said.

“You foolish goat I you have big horns but no brain in your head. So you stay here and drink water.” So saying, the fox went away.

Moral: Look before you leap.

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