Christian Women in India

Christian Women

Christian women in India have a comparatively better status than Hindu and Muslim women. In India, Christian women are treated on par with their men in their community. Even according to Bible, they are equal to men.

Politically, economically, socially and educationally Christian women are in a better position than women of other religions in India.

Christian women in India can move freely, travel from one area to another independently, and take part in business or professional, educational or any other type of activity on par with men. Since monogamy is the prevailing rule of marriage among the Christians, women are well looked after, and respected.

Christian women possess equal rights in the society which may be stated below:

Economic Rights:

Economically, Christian woman is free to have property in her name, to use it, to sell it or to deal with it in any manner she likes. She is free to join any profession of her liking and earn money to become economically independent. Large numbers of Christian women are found to be employed in India.

Marital Rights:

As far as marriage is concerned, Christian girls have got the final say. Since child marriage is not practiced amongst them, women have their right to select their life- partners. No marriage can be performed against her wish by the Clergymen.

Status of Women in the Family:

Christian woman is not a slave of the family. She is a co- sailor along with her husband in the ocean of family life. She cannot be confined to four walls of the house. Christian Women in India renders active co-operation and help for the smooth running of the family.

Political Rights:

Indian Christian woman as any other woman belonging to any community in India has all the political rights. She can cast her vote in the elections, and herself contest elections. Christian women are politically more conscious also.

Religious Rights:

The Indian Christian woman has almost equal religious rights on par with men to take part in religious activities. She can read Bible, go to church along with the men folk, participate in common prayers, take part in religious activities, and can even become nuns and dedicate their entire lives for the cause of the religion

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