Advantages and Disadvantages of Rural Life

Rural life refers to the life of the people living in villages and under-developed areas. According to Mahatma Gandhi, real India lives in her villages.


  1. Rural people live in beautiful natural surroundings.
  2. The air that the rural people breathe is pure.
  3. The food that the villagers take is fresh.
  4. Peace and quiet fill the rural life.
  5. Villagers love our neighbors as our own. Life is simple and natural.


  1. In distant rural areas, the roads are extremely bad and transport difficulties are great.
  2. Rural people are generally poor and ignorant of the rules of health and hygiene.
  3. For want of proper education, they become narrow-minded and superstitious.
  4. There are few doctors and few hospitals.

Conclusion: Some of the facilities of town life should be extended to the rural areas. More metaled roads should be constructed. More schools and hospitals have to be established.

If all these are introduced, the villages will revive. Men may come to towns for higher studies or for earning a living. However, they will return to the villages for peaceful living.

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