Bali Hotels



The prime tourist destination in Indonesia is Bali and has been known as a world-beater since the 1980’s when there was a sudden upturn in a number of visitors here. Europeans, Asians and Americans count as revered travelers here. The beaches, flora and fauna stand out here. Visitors usually come here for their honeymoons from all over the world, or even their destination weddings as the beach and sands make for great memories and pictures, to be never forgotten. The exquisite experiences are on store and offer for those who are planning to visit something new. So don’t hesitate to book Bali tickets right away. Bali Hotels too, provide and make for great comfort, as it’s only inevitable that the hotels match up the exotic auras found on the beaches and so. The Holiday Inn Express is a great affair to start off with, and its authenticity and class only mean that it oozes brilliance and has great reviews, all at a reasonable cost. Hotel Arsa Santi Nusa Penida is another great exotic experience that’s not to be missed, made in authentic Bali-style, this hotel provides some great comfort and allows its customers to really put their feet up in the air, in the figurative sense of having a gala time. The Natya Hotel Tanah Lot is another great piece which brims with exposure and fun, being a really good option for stay. The Sanur house is our next item and the reviews of this place are just brilliant and range from good to excellent. The Yulia Village in is another great option for those travelers; the rooms have great décor and the backdrop of the hotel is quite amazing and has a great view from the windows and balconies. Ping Hotel Seminyak Bali is simply a phenomenal place and exerts some great influence on the taste and style.

Special Experiences

What stands out in Bali experiences, is the special experiences listings. Bali Hotels provide travelers with world-class amenities that leads to a comfortable and unmatched stay for the guests. A wide range of Hotels own outdoor and indoor and indoor pools for guests to calm their senses. Spa facilities that include therapeutic beauty treatments are sure to make one feel completely rejuvenated. The well-equipped fitness centre at these hotels is a treat to fitness lovers. The hotels also offer some packages to experience water sport adventures, along with land-exploring, which is quite a big thing here. Honeymoon photo shoots are said to be done great here, or even regular family shoots.


The facilities at Bali Hotels are spoken of very highly and this makes it a great reason to venture into Bali, be it for the first time or even if visiting time and again. The facilities are second to none, the rooms are great, spacious, affordable and are even ranked as some of the best in the world and that’s for sure. The swimming pools are usually jam-packed as they are all beautifully designed, especially to add to the aura and experience of Bali. Guests can also check for hotels with poolside galas of dinner and alcohol and have the best time in Bali. They have an excellent massage and spa services along with oil therapies for those overworked nerves which definitely need some relaxation and a break from being pressured. The jacuzzis too are said to be of great importance here as they get people in a mood to relax and really forget the realms of the real world. Bali Hotels certainly offer the best amenities there are to offer and the fact that it is one of the best-ranked nations to visit, the hotels make it a point to be extra-available to their customer.


The restaurants at Bali Hotels have really good chefs serving up some of the world’s best cuisines. These hotels not only serve local cuisine but also serve various international ones, including Asian, American, Italian, Mediterranian and at time Indian cuisine also. The professional and well-skilled chefs at these hotels make sure that the taste buds of the customers are always satisfied. There are mini-bars which facilitate good sessions in the room itself, so one doesn’t have to waste time and energy going downstairs. All this makes for a great experience. Many Bali Hotels also provide special diet menus and kids’ meals in order to provide extra convenience to guests.


Q1. How’s the climate/weather in Indonesia?

A. It’s known to rain here a lot, but this also means that one never gets a lot of sunny days, allowing guests to enjoy their time here.

Q2 When to venture into Bali? What is the best period?

A. During March – April, when the heat is at its maximum. This is the best period.

Q3. Are pets allowed in Bali Hotels?

A. Pets may or may not be allowed. One must check the same prior to booking

Q4. What are some of the best things to do in Bali?

A. Shopping, chilling by the beach, visiting the overcrowded seafood markets.

Q5. Does Bali Hotels provide babysitting services?

A. Yes, most of the Bali Hotels offer babysitting services.

Bali is a land of many wonders and is rest assured, one will never come back disappointed.

There is an umpteen number of Hotels that offer an array of comfortable stay along with cherishable memories. The staff at these hotels put their best efforts in order to give their guests a complete stay by providing various services. These services include laundry, dry cleaning, laundry, airport transfer, car rental, airport shuttle, babysitting service, spa facility and many more. Also, the tour desk at these hotels offers guests to plan their tour plan easily. With all these facilities and a warm welcome, Bali Hotels ensures to offer the best stay to their guests.