Flic En Flac Mauritius Hotels



A destination for all those who prefer to leave the bustle of Grand Baie behind, Flic en Flac has risen to fame as the quiet sister. Having enough options to enjoy without having to go through the hassles of touristy places, Flic En Flac Mauritius hotels are designed to be every bit as luxurious and amazing as anywhere else in the whole island.From budget options where one is sure to find a homely and amazing staff to the 5-star extravagant hotels with more amenities than one can ask for, hotels in Flic en Flac are sure to fit the needs no matter what the pocket size may be. Having risen to it tourism peak not very long ago, Flic En Flac Mauritius hotels have made sure to equip themselves with the latest and the best facilities possible to make sure that the stay here is as comfortable as it gets.

Though the town itself has developed and become more city-like than a retreat, stepping inside a hotel in Flic en Flac will instantly transport the guests to a world where paradise seems real. Blue-green waters stretch out in front of the guests, as the well-manicured gardens give way to white sandy beaches and lazy beach chairs beacon the guests just to relax.

Special Experiences

As one enters these Flic en Flac Hotels in Mauritius, one is instantly washed over by the warmth of the staff and the polite manner in which they welcome the guests. Elegant yet opulently designed interiors, bright room that play well with the sunlight and airy corridors are all a part of the charm that these hotels. Flic En Flac Mauritius hotels provide services like Yoga classes such as those offered to guests in Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa. Aanari Hotel & Spa offers a variety of spa and massage therapies to the guests as well. Water sports are a must have for all hotels big or small here in Flic en Flac and as such one can book some water-based activities such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing right from within the hotel. The quality of going an extra mile to make their guests comfortable is what makes these hotels in Flic en Flac special and a delight for the customers.


Almost all Flic En Flac Mauritius hotels are fitted with world class amenities and facilities. Though the amount and extent of facilities may differ from one property to another, one can be assured to find all the basic ones, no matter which category of hotels the guests choose for their vacation. Almost all hotels here have sun terraces from where one can enjoy mesmerizing views of the Indian Ocean as well as gardens where one can lounge on the hammocks in the cool shade of tropical trees on sunny days. Primary facilities include swimming pools, beauty salons, WiFi, free parking, a tour desk to help the guests plan their day, spa and sauna, Fitness centers to help one shed the holiday calories, room service and much more.


Food that ranges from Continental to Western all prepared by some of the best chefs can be enjoyed at the Flic en Flac Hotels and Resorts. Most hotels have their restaurants within the hotel itself. Right from three-star hotels like Pearle Beach Resort & Spa which has one restaurant and one coffee shop for its guests to top-end hotels like the Sand Suites boasting of 3 on-site restaurants, guests are sure to get the best taste of the local as well as international cuisine. Bars are a frequent sight in almost all the hotels, where one can spend an evening enjoying live music or band performance. With chefs more than happy to cook meals with special instructions, guests are not to worry, if they have any dietary restrictions for they will be taken care of in these hotels in Flic en Flac.


Q1. What are the best areas to pick for a hotel in Flic en Flac?

A. The best area to live in when traveling to Flic en Flac is Royal Road and Wolmar.

Q2. Do hotels in Flic en Flac have Concierge services?

A. Yes, all hotels in Flic en Flac concierge services for guests to avail.

Q3. Is it possible to leave the kids in the hotel play area when going out?

A. No, though almost all hotels have a kids’ play area, it is not possible for guests to leave their children at the hotel property when they go out.

Q4. Do hotels in Flic en Flac offer currency exchange?

A. Yes, the hotel accepts foreign currency as well as provide exchange services, but it is not advisable to do so from the hotel as their exchange rates are not suitable.

Q5. Can extra beds be added to the rooms in the hotel in Flic en Flac?

A. Yes, most rooms in the hotels in Flic en Flac can accommodate an extra bed, but it is always better to check with the hotel before booking.

For those who are tired of the sea, swimming pools offered by all the hotels are a much-welcomed change, as are the majestic panoramic views from these pools. Shuttle services to and from the airport, luggage storage services for early arrival and late departure guests are also a few things that can put a smile on the face when one books in any one of the Flic En Flac Mauritius hotels. A few high-end options to look at are La Pirogue A-Sun Resort with vast tropical gardens and spacious rooms, Anelia Resort & Spa with its multilingual staff and Sofitel L’Imperial Resort and Spa known for its private beach access. If one is searching for budget-friendly options, here are a few one can look at are Seavilla Mauritius located on Royal Road, Manisa Hotel nestled at Coastal road and Gold Beach Resort in Wolmar. One is sure to enjoy a memorable vacation by accommodating at any of these hotels.