Story of Bakasura

Indian Story of Bakasura

Krishna, in his youth, used to spend the day with his friends grazing the cattle in the forests. Balram also used to accompany them to the forests.

One day, some hours had passed since the cattle had been grazing. Krishna and Balram led the cattle to the side of a lake in the forest. The cattle had drunk water to their content. Suddenly the young boys were surprised to see a gigantic stork near the lake. It was a very large stork having a long beak. It came at a very high speed to the other side of the lake and picked up Krishna in its long beak. Within no time it gulped him down. On seeing all this, all the other children fell down in a daze.

But fortunately the moment Krishna was inside the giant stork’s throat, the stork’s throat had a severe burning sensation. The stork had to get him out of his throat through the bill. As he came out, Krishna held on to the stork’s neck and tore its throat open. Soon the giant stork lay dead. Thus, Krishna killed Bakasura. Actually the stork was the form taken by the Rakshas named Bakasura. He had come to kill Krishna. The children had regained consciousness by then. When they went back home, they told about the event to everyone. At this, Nand Baba, Krishna’s father, said, “Now I truly believe that Krishna is no ordinary being. He must be God himself.” Everyone agreed with his view.

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