The Story of Bhasmasura – Lord Shiva Story for Kids

Indian Mythological Story of Bhasmasura

Bhasmasura was an demon. He was very strong and big in size but he was not at all intelligent. He used to act before thinking. Once he decided to meditate to get a boon from Lord Shiva. He meditated for many days to get a boon from Lord Shiva. Every day, during his prayers, he used to cut a part of his body and offer it to Lord Shiva to please him. He did so for many days. After many days Lord Shiva was pleased by Bhasmasur’s prayers and offerings. He appeared before him and said, “I am pleased by your devotion and meditation. Ask any one thing which you want as a boon.”

“Please grant me the boon that on whosoever’s head I place my hand, he would die instantly,” Bhasmasur wished.

“As you wish Bhasmasura, the boon is granted to you,” Lord Shiva said.

Bhasmasura got up and said, “I should check whether the boon is true or not.”

Saying so, he went near Lord Shiva to place his hand on Lord Shiva’s head but Lord Shiva was alert. He feared for his life and ran off. But Bhasmasur followed him as he wanted to check the boon. Soon Lord Shiva went to Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu promised to help him.

When Bhasmasura was chasing Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu disguised as a priest came to him. Actually Lord Vishnu had come in the form of the priest to help Lord Shiva.

The priest went to Bhasmasura and said, “Why are you running? Just sit down and relax. Tell me what the matter is.”

So Bhasmasura told the priest about Lord Shiva’s boon. After hearing everything, the priest said, “Why would Lord Shiva allow you to put your hand on his head? If you did so then you’ll come to know that the boon is not true. That’s why he is running away from you.”

“But how can you be sure of that?” asked Bhasmasura.

“If you really want to check it and you don’t believe me then put your hand on your own head,” the priest challenged Bhasmasura.

So foolish Bhasmasura put his hand on his own head to check and died at that instant. Thus, Lord Vishnu saved the life of Lord Shiva.

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