Speech on Indian Army

Speech on Indian Army for Students in English

The Indian Army is the vigilance arm of India that safeguards and protects the citizens from harm, helps the citizens in times of need and even sacrifices their lives in the process of saving the citizens of India. They are an inspiration and a matter of pride for every Indian citizen. In this article, a long speech and a short speech on the Indian Army is given along with some key points which will help students understand better. This article can also be used as a resource or reference for an actual speech on the Indian Army.


The Indian Army is made up of different units of troops of men and women trained and prepared to fight on land, on seas and in the air as well which are known as Armed Forces, Navy and the Indian Air Force respectively. The motto of the Indian Army is “Service before Self” and they strictly abide by their motto at all times. They undergo rigorous training in different kinds of environments and weathers to get accustomed to and adapt and survive accordingly. They can also get posted at places with the most extreme temperatures and weather conditions. They can survive in the hottest deserts or in the deepest trench, in the densest forests and even on the coldest mountain ranges. With the spirit of selfless sacrifice, immense bravery and courage in their hearts our Indian Army continue to serve everywhere at all times. 


When society faces natural disasters such as severe flooding and rain, one can find Indian Army soldiers arriving first and lending their helping hands and saving lives of not only humans but also of animals. Some major rescue operations carried out by the Indian Army are Operation Cactus, Operation Meghdoot and Operation Vijay.


Since the conception of the Indian Army, they have found wars valiantly and safeguarded our Nation from neighbouring countries and outside forces as well. The Indian Army has always maintained peace across National and InterNational borders, even on disputed lands on the north and the north-east. Whenever and wherever duty calls, they have stood against challenges with a brave face and have fought with skill and tactics. The Indian Army has 9 divisions that are divided according to the order of hierarchy, they are as follows: Command, Corps, Division, Brigade, Regiment, Company, Battery, Platoon, and Section. Currently, there are a million troops comprising the Army stationed at every place in the country.  


The Indian Army is constantly working towards the safety and protection of citizens at all costs by eliminating any major threat and external as well as internal conflicts. They are always patrolling and on alert on the borders at land and air, and on waters as well. They are the reason Indians can always go to sleep peacefully knowing that the Indian Army is always there protecting us 24/7. Any National holiday is a working day for them, their sacrifices are a source of inspiration and pride for every Indian citizen. We should always be grateful to them and pay respects whenever and however we can. Their incessant efforts towards protecting and uplifting our society helps India move forward bravely and come out as a major superpower in the future among the developing Nations.


Key Highlights of the Indian Army for Speech

  • The Indian Army has been recognised as one of the best National Armies in the world.

  • The Indian Army troops go through rigorous training to adapt to and survive in any kind of harsh weather conditions to serve the Nation.

  • The Indian Army protects us from external and internal threats.

  • The Indian Army safeguards the Nation from invaders.

  • The Indian Army is always patrolling on land, on water and in the air at all times.

  • The Indian Army maintains peace across disputed National and InterNational borders.

  • The Indian Army also helps the citizens in times of dire needs such as in the aftermaths of an earthquake or in a flooded city.

  • The Indian Army puts their lives in front of our Nation safeguarding it at all costs.

  • The Indian Army also tries to make sure harmony and peace is maintained within the Nation.

  • The Indian Army is a matter of pride and we should always express our gratitude towards them for protecting us round the clock.

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