Short Paragraph on Evil Effects and Solution of Dowry System

Dowry System ( Dahej Pratha)

Dowry System is known as “Dahej Pratha” in Hindi.

Dowry refers to the amount of money and other valuables brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage.

In modern age, even in this age of science and technology, many evil practices are prevalent in our society. These evil practices are early marriage and also the dowry system.

Dowry as part of marriage consideration is prohibited by law in India. The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 was enacted to help the women who are victim of Dowry System.

Evil effects of Dowry System

In modern age, still in different cities, towns and in villages, the dowry system is going to be practiced.

Even in poor families sometimes the father of an young bride had to take loan from the bank to pay the demand of a groom.

The father has to purchase a motor bike, gold ring and furniture to decorate the house of a groom.

Though anti-dowry bill has been passed in the parliament, it is not yet practically implemented.

Sometimes young brides commit suicide for the torture.


So what is the remedy of this evil practice of this dowry system?

Only all the women should be unitedly fight against this evil system.

Women commission and all the different women forums should find out such causes of dowry system and punish those greedy guardians who encourage this system.

The most effective remedy is to bring consciousness against this evil system through education and social awareness.

There is also the necessity of spreading of women’s education to fight against the dowry system.

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