Role and Importance of Agriculture in India

India is an agriculture based country. Agriculture is the single most important contributor of Indian economy.

More than half of country’s total workforce are working in agriculture and it’s supporting sectors like fisheries, forestry, etc.

Agriculture plays a significant role in the overall economic development and its contributions to the Indian GDP were at around 16.6% in the year 2009. That’s reason India secured 2nd position worldwide in terms of farm output.

India’s agriculture includes rice, wheat, pulses, tea, coffee, fresh vegetable, fresh fruits, dry fruits, coconuts, major spices, milk, millets, cotton, Jute, castor oil seed, etc.

India ranks among the top five producers of many agricultural items like coffee, cotton, etc.

India ranks 2nd largest producer of wheat and rice in the world. Items like milk, many fresh fruits, spices, jute, millets, etc. where India is the largest producer. India is one the largest producer of Sugarcane in the world.

India is also a major exporter of rice and wheat to countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Af