Rafi-Ud-Darajat was the son of Rafi-ush-Shan. He became the Mughal Emperor after Farrukh Siyar. He succeeded to the throne on 28th February, 1719. He was merely 20 years old at that time of his accession.

Rafi-Ud-Darajat was very intelligent but was absolutely controlled by the Sayyid brothers, who carried on the administration in his name.

Rafi-ud-Darajat was not a powerful emperor. However, Sayyid brothers were very clever people. There were few revolts during the reign of Rafi-ud-Darajat, that were successfully suppressed by Sayyid Brothers. There was a rebellion by Nikusiyar, son of Akbar, who set himself up as emperor in the Agra Fort with Mitra Sen, a Nagar Brahman, as his wazir. Since, Sayyid brothers supported Rafi-Ud-Darajat, Nakusiyar was defeated.

Rafi-ud-Darajat died on 13th June, 1719.

Rafi-ud-Darajat was succeeded by his brother, Rafi-ud-daulah. Rafi-ud-daulah is also known as Shah Jahan II.

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