Brief History of Mughal Prince Shah Shuja (brother of Aurangzeb)

Shah Shuja

Shah Shuja was the Mughal prince and brother of Aurangzeb. He was the son of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. He was born in 1616 at Ajmer. He was a special favorite of Jahangir just as Shah Jahan had been of Akbar.

Shuja was a man of mild disposition, keen intelligence and urbane and charming manners. He he was not a fanatic. He hated the idea of religious persecution. He was an able general, a valiant fighter and a zealous commander. But he had greater fascination for sensual pleasures and lighter aspects of life. This gradually made him indolent and voluptuous and he began to neglect his normal duties. That is why he did not attain to greatness during the reign of his father.

Despite all this, Shah Jahan gave him ample opportunities for progress and exhibition of his talents. In 1633, Shahjahan sent him to the Deccan for the first time and gave him a mansab of 10000. In 1638, his mansab was raised to 12000 Zat, 8000 Sawar and he was sent to Kabul. Two years later, Shuja was appointed governor of Bengal and Orissa and continued to hold the same office even till 1657.

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