Radioactive Pollution Speech

Anything unnatural or man-made has high chances of creating pollution. Especially if it exceeds a certain limit that makes it difficult for the environment to carry. Thus harming it and the living organisms residing. Certain pollution or polluting elements have been there since industrialization. Like air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution etc. And now in recent times, due to the increase in the number of nuclear explosions and the testing of nuclear weapons, there are many spilt radioactive elements into nature that cause harm to the living organisms. In this article, of speech on radioactive pollution, we will understand the different ways to deliver this speech. It can be a long Radioactive pollution speech or a short speech on radioactive pollution.

Long and Short Radioactive Pollution Speech 

Long Radioactive Pollution Speech 

This long format speech on radioactive pollution is helpful for students in grades 8-12 as they can present in detail using simple language.

Very good morning to everyone present here, respected principal, teachers and my dear friends, I am Abc (mention your name) here today to deliver a speech on the topical issue of radioactive pollution. Our world has come to a point that in its drive for a better life it is threatening the safety of the environment that we live in. The man-made steps taken in the name of development, betterment and industrialization have harmed nature in more ways than one.  

The total of all the damage has resulted in many types of pollution of water, soil or land, air, noise, etc.  Now a new type of pollution has seen a rise called radioactive pollution due to a rise in radioactive elements like uranium-235 that is used as fuel in nuclear reactors. Caesium-137 which is used for radiation therapy in medicine for cancer treatment and Strontium-90 which is used for thermoelectric generators and also as a  portable power source for space vehicles are also other such elements that contribute largely to radioactive pollution.

These elements are dumped into the environment carelessly from nuclear reactors in nuclear weapon testings, accidents at nuclear power plants, and medical waste containing these harmful elements. 

While all this and explosions from atomic bombs also cause a high rate of damage because of the high emission of these radiations of high energy. The ones that emit low energy radiation from wireless internet, microwave oven, broadcast antennas, cell phones, laptops and television sets, also cause radioactive pollution. 

These radiations contain electromagnetic waves and they travel far. So when a nuclear explosion occurs the people in the places nearby are also susceptible to the damage caused due to these electromagnetic waves from the nuclear radiation. 

Radioactive pollution is of 3 types. The common type is continuous radioactive pollution which includes a constant dump of waste containing radioactive elements from mines and test laboratories. The 2nd type is occasional radioactive pollution. Which is more likely to occur during nuclear experiments and tests when such elements invade the environment. The 3rd type is not regular but the most fatal and dangerous is accidental radioactive pollution. This occurs when an experiment fails and the powerful radioactive substances are no longer confined just to the lab. Everyone when exposed to it leads to dreadful consequences. 

The most dreadful result of this exposure to radioactive elements is cancer. It also leads to skin burns and many cardiovascular diseases. These have long-term effects and make life very painful. We surely cannot control nuclear weapon testing or other mines. But we can take stringent measures and reduce our exposure to these harmful waves by declining the time of contact with phones and television. 

We must control what we can and keep ourselves away from such an unhealthy lifestyle and bring awareness about it for others as well, lets pledge to stay healthy.

Thank you.

Short Speech on Radioactive Pollution

This type of brief speech on radioactive pollution of 250 words using lucid language is useful for students in grades 4-7. 

Good morning everyone, I am XYZ (mention your name) here today to speak on the topic of radioactive pollution. Of course, we are all aware of the fact that the world is polluted due to so many factors. And results in causing damage to soil, air and water. And another type of pollution called radioactive pollution has now been added to the long list of problems created by man. 

Radioactive pollution like the name suggests is a type of pollution caused due to radiations emitted by the harmful radioactive pollution. The emitters come from different sources like nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons testing experiments, uranium mines, medical companies test laboratories etc.  

There are high-frequency electromagnetic waves with high energy from elements like uranium, radium, krypton, strontium etc. That when released even in small amounts can travel fast and far leading to severe damage when exposed to. Like cancer and over a long period results in many cardiovascular diseases and skin diseases.

The low-frequency and energy radiations can be from phones, television, antennas, laptop and thus it is important to limit the usage time per day. 

We all remember the Chernobyl disaster diaries, the results of such a horrific event are terrifying. And this was due to accidental radioactive pollution caused in a nuclear power plant. Other causes are due to experiments and dumping of these waste containing the elements and over a period leading to pollution and irreversible damage. Damage leading to altering generations because of mutations when one comes in contact with the radiations. 

Let’s all be mindful and aware of the world we live in and responsibly use these elements for a safe and better future. 

Thank you. 

10 Line Radioactive Pollution Speech

A very short 10 line speech helpful for students in grades 1-3 to make them understand better about new topics.

  1. This is pollution that is caused due to radiations from different elements that are used in nuclear power plants and mines.

  2. They are electromagnetic waves like gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet and infrared radiations.

  3. They are potent even in small quantities, and such elements are uranium, strontium, radium etc.

  4. They are extremely powerful and when any living organism is exposed to these, the health condition is certain to be affected and decline.

  5. Exposure to it can cause skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases and the dreary one being cancer.

  6. The gamma rays being the most potent one can change the genetic composition of living beings.

  7. These changes lead to unwanted and harmful mutations which will affect the generations to come. 

  8. The other leading cause is the irresponsible dumping of such wastes into natural bodies. Due to which they are easily exposed to other living beings.

  9. There are very few steps taken to control this new problem, as there are many countries that operate like nuclear power, including India.

  10. We must be accountable, and avoid as much as possible and not let others suffer from this hazardous act.

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