Paragraph on Early Rising

Early rising is the secret for a happy life. We all wish to live long but we cannot. Why? We go against Nature. Nature likes us to work during day and to rest at night. But we do not obey this law of Nature. We do not go to bed early. We read or write late into night. Some of us keep playing, dancing and drinking whole night. So, we do not rise early. What is the result? Our health breaks down and we fall ill. Nature takes revenge. We have to suffer for our disobedience.

But birds and animals are healthy. They do not need a doctor every day. Why So? They sleep early and rise early. Early rising is the secret of health. But if you like to rise early, you must go to bed early. This simple habit will give everything. So, it is said:

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Early rising gives you health. But early rising alone is not enough. You must leave your bed and walk a little. This will give you fresh air. Fresh air is the queen of medicines and the beauty of Nature is the best of tonics. The music of birds and the smell and colour of flowers will give you the nicest kind of feast. Nature will give you what your soft bed cannot.

But health and wealth alone will not make you good and great. You need wisdom, too. How can your get knowledge and Wisdom? Early rising helps you much. Your body and mind are fresh in the morning. So your mind receives things very quickly. You understand clearly whatever you read. Early morning is the best time for study. It is an ideal time for the study of Nature, too. Nature is the best teacher and she teaches best early in the morning. Even an ordinary leaf will teach you great lessons. In the past, students had to rise very early. They moved about for some time, and then sat down for study.

This is why they became great scholars and thinkers. Who does not like to be a great thinker? But how many of us care to rise early? So, you must rise early if you like to rise high in life!

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