Paragraph on Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisements


Advertisement means marketing material. An advertisement is something that explains and disseminates a brand’s message.

Advertisement can be a noun. As a noun, it can mean a poster, email message, social media post or video that spreads awareness of a brand. As a noun, it is sometimes simply shortened to ‘advert’.

Advertisement can also be a verb. As a verb it means the process of spreading a brand’s message.

Advantages of advertisements.

  1. Spreads awareness of a brand.
  2. Engages customers.
  3. Makes a company recognizable.
  4. Provides employment for marketing teams, actors and so on.
  5. Helps to make a brand a household name.
  6. Keeps existing customers loyal.
  7. Attracts new customers.
  8. Gets people talking about a brand.

Disadvantages of advertisement.

  1. Can be expensive.
  2. Customers can resent a ‘hard sell’.
  3. Can cause negative publicity if done wrongly.
  4. Makes people feel they need to own certain things in order to feel happy.
  5. Contributes to excessive consumer culture.
  6. Trust can be built up with customers in other ways, for instance word of mouth.
  7. Adverts can break up films on the TV or articles online to the frustration of the viewer or reader.

Conclusion: It is a good idea to take all adverts with a pinch of salt.

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