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Kids usually enjoy writing essays as this gives them the golden opportunity to convey their thoughts about each and everything they do regularly. Writing myself essay in English reflects an individual’s personal experience about himself and his interaction with other people and the surroundings. Likewise, when kids are given a chance to express their views in my essay writing, they try their best to describe themselves and put forth their ideas in easy words.

Here’s a short paragraph about myself in English, which kids can use as a reference while writing an essay of their own:

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“My name is Visha Roy. I’m an 8 year old girl. I live in Bangalore with my parents, brother and grandparents. I love my family very much. My birthday is on 4th April. I study in Class 3 at St. Joseph’s Convent. I have an elder brother who is 5 years older than me. We study in the same school but in different classes. Every year I go for a vacation with my family during my winter holidays. My hobbies are reading story books, dancing and cooking. I like to help my mother in the kitchen sometimes.I love going to school every day and respect all my teachers. I’m always punctual to school and regular in my studies. I love to play with my friends during break time. My best friend’s name is Pooja and we play with dolls every day after school. I participate in all extracurricular activities and sports events at my school and try my best to do well. My school has a huge playground where I play several games with my friends. My school offers a healthy and peaceful environment to all its students.”

Given below are “Myself Essay PDFs” for classes 1, 2, & 3, which you can download for free:

Myself Essay For Class 1 / Myself Essay For Class 2 / Myself Essay For Class 3

In this article, we brought you “Myself Essay for Kids” so that kids can refer to this sample essay and get a fair understanding on how to draft an essay on this topic. We hope our modest attempt will help your kid to write a few lines on this topic. While writing a good paragraph about myself, they can begin it with simple phrases to introduce themselves and proceed to explain about people and things surrounding them, in the best possible way.

Essay About Myself in English 20 Lines

  • My name is Priya. I hail from the Garden City of India, Kanpur.
  • I study in class 5 at Army Public School.
  • My mother is a professor, and my father is a businessman.
  • I have an elder sister and she too studies in the same school.
  • We go to school together and have a lot of friends in our neighbourhood.
  • My parents take us out every Sunday and ensure that we connect with nature.
  • I love playing badminton and chess with my friends.
  • I have also participated in interschool sports and literary competitions.
  • I am good at studies and score well in my examinations.
  • My parents have always supported me pursuing something unique in sports or cultural activities.
  • I love pets and we have a cat at home.
  • Her name is the Nile and she is an adorable family member.
  • As soon as I come home from school, the first thing I look forward to is playing with her.
  • I am a part of an environmental conservation group in my school.
  • In this group, we ensure to plant saplings on the birthdays of our teachers and housekeeping staff.
  • I am learning classical Indian dance and I enjoy dancing.
  • I love sweets and I help my mother during the preparation of sweets.
  • We celebrate many festivals at home, like Ugadi, Ganesha Chaturthi, Deepavali and many others.
  • We also visit our grandparents in Mysore during the Dasara festival. This festival is celebrated with grandeur and pomp in Mysore.
  • We have a wonderful time with our grandparents and returned to Bengaluru with a lot of memories.

This sample, “Myself essay for kids” is a humble attempt to assist young learners in developing their English writing skills while also expressing their views. Are you looking forward to exploring other essay topics? Simply download India’s best kids learning Essays– IMP and make learning a fun-filled and enjoyable experience for your child.


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