Kushan Empire (Kushan Dynasty)

Kushan Empire

The Kushans (also Kushanas) belonged to the Yueh-chi tribe tribe who lived in Chinese Turkistan. Under pressure from other tribes they moved eastwards. They were divided into five branches and one of them was the Kushans.

Soon the Kushans became the most powerful among the various Yueh-chi tribes. They invaded India in the 1st century A.D. and occupied the western part of India after inflicting crushing defeats on the Bactrians, Parthians and Sakas.

They were divided into five tribes but gradually one of these tribes Konlei-Chouang (or the Kushans) defeated the other four and established its supremacy over them. Thus was born the well-known Kushan dynasty in the history of India.

Kings of Kushan Empire (Kushan Dynasty)

The first great ruler of the Kushan Empire was Kujula Kadphises I. He was succeeded by Kadphises II or Vima Kadphises. He issued gold coins which showed the wealth and prosperity of his kingdom.

Kajula Kadphises (Kadphises I)

The great Kushan ruler who defeated the four other sections of the great Yueh-chi tribe was Kujula Kadphises (or Kadphises I) as he is generally called. He was a great warrior who defeated the Greeks and established his supre­macy over Kabul, Kandhar and Afghanistan. It is not definite whether he crossed the Indus or not.

Vima Kadphises

Vima Kadphises is also popularly known as Kadphises II. He was a great warrior and administrator like his father. He defeated the Saka Kshatraps and extended the boundaries of his empire up to Benaras.