Short Essay on My Neighbour

How happy is the man who has a good neighbour! My next-door neighbour is Mr. Ramesh Sharma. He is Professor of English in Delhi University. He is a good-looking smart young man of forty-six. He has a good deal of interest in sorts. He is also interested in social service. He is fine player, too.

A noble man: Mr. Sharma is a noble man. It is difficult to find a noble man these days, but he is an exception. He cannot stand the sight of anybody in trouble. Only last year a dacoity was committed in his friend’s house. Luckily, Mr. Sharma was in his house which is a little away from his friend’s house. He ran to him, telephoned the police, collected some people and chased away the dacoits. He is always ready to help his neighbours in distress with money, advice and his presence.

His personality: Mr. Sharma is social workers, too. Whenever there is any occasion, he is found anxious to help his friends. He is friendly to all. He is a neither pro