Indore Gharana of Sitar Players

Indore Gharana – Sitar Players

The leader and master trainer of Indore gharana of Sitar players was none other than the fabulous Binkar Ustad Bande Ali Khan. He had trained up a brilliant band of Binkars like Majid Khan, Murad Khan, Latif Khan, Babu Khan, and Wahid Khan. From these Binkars came well known Sitar players like Babu Khan himself, Rahim Khan, Rahmat Khan (who migrated to Dharwar), and Muhmad Khan (son of Wahid Khan Binkar and father of Rais khan Sitaria) who was both a Binkar and Sitar player. Some of the readers may have heard his Sitar records. Abdul Halim Jafar Khan belongs to this tradition.

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