Lucknow Gharana (Sitar Music)

Lucknow Gharana of Sitar Music

The Lucknow gharana of Sitar Music was led by Ustad Amir Khan (Gwalior) and later by Hamid Husain Khan. This gharana flourished during the period of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, Another great Sitar player (using three Mizrabs) was Vajpayiji whose gats were a treat to hear but were very difficult to play.

The Sitar player of this gharana were extremely talented. From the Lucknow gharana emerged other players notable amongst who was Ustad Yusuf Ali Khan also known as the Kalpi Sitarias.  Very bold, masculine and captivating was his music. He had a treasure house of compositions. Some players of the Lucknow gharana were perhaps the earliest to incorporate Thumri into the playing of Sitar.

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