Importance Of Unity In India

The importance of India as a large nation lies in its Unity. Unity is India’s strength and Unity in Diversity is the most important feature of India.

In India, national integration alone can be the foundation of a strong, united and prosperous India, especially in these days of extremism and terrorism. Mahatma Gandhi sacrificed his life for communal unity. Though, there are Bengalis, Gujaratis, Punjabis, Maharastrians, Tamilians, etc., in our country. The fact remains that regardless of divisions and distinctions, caste or creed, we have lived together for thousands of years.

It is said that “United we stand, divided we fall“. By union the smallest states thrive, by discord the greatest are destroyed. By calling to mind the story of the Old man who demonstrated with the help of sticks of his quarrelsome sons that strength lies in unity, the wisdom of this verdict can help us to formulate our approach to the problems that face us.

India, as a whole nation is united, there is very little likelihood of any country to attack us, proving that union is strength. The Indian Army is among the top 5 largest standing army in the world.

The economic progress of India is mainly on account of the feeling of unity or oneness among every Indian. Today, India has emerged as a major economic power and has secured its position among the top 10 largest economy in the world both in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and Notianal GDP.

When people quarrel among themselves, and continue to do so in the face of adversity, we can never think of putting up a joint front against the enemy. Event in the animal world, the animals help each other in the face of danger. When one senses danger lurking nearby, he immediately indicates to the other creatures of the threat of impending peril.

In every walk of life we find that it is our unity that gives us strength. A united country is respected in the eyes of others.

There is a lot of talk oil national integration and the one world state. Such likelihood seems very remote with so many nations warring with each other. There is ill-feeling, among members in the parties for the seat of power. On the other hand, the once divided Germany has re-united, as also south and North Yemen.

However, communal clashes, social and economic inequalities can put a challenge to prevailing national harmony in India. Thus, unity among communities, races, religions, etc. is an absolute necessity. Any clash between communities can hinder the national harmony.

Adequate measures should be taken to remove the social and economic inequalities to ensure unity among various sections of the society. The various social issues such as caste system, child labor, dowry system, gender inequality, low status of women, etc. should be eradicated from Indian society.

India is a land of multiple languages. Besides Hindi and English, there are many other official languages. English has become a connecting language among people speaking their native language. These varied languages enriches our culture. We are one nation. In spite of differences in the language we speak, we are committed to our motherland as one country.

It is important to accept that there is a need for unity in India and of commitment not to a party, not to a particular religion but to the nation as a whole. We have to form strong and durable links to create national unity to avoid disastrous consequences.

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