Short Note on Types of Political Parties in India

Types of Political Parties in India

On the basis of geographical spread: There are three types of parties seen in India on the basis of geographical spread. They are

  1. All India parties: They have all India presence. They are large political parties. They are present in almost every state of India.
  2. Regional parties: They have presence in one state or in states belonging to a particular region. They have a good influence over the people of the region to which they belong.
  3. Local parties / individual candidates: There exist such political parties where an individual candidate or a group of few people context elections. They work for local people and have a good influence over the local people.

On the basis of Orientation: On the basis of orientation; however, they may be termed as leftist, rightist, centrist parties. The communist and socialist parties are termed leftist parties where as communal or religious parties or parties based a caste is termed as rightist parties.

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