Importance of Media – 2 Essays

Importance of Media – Essay 1.

The media is a tool that is very important in the life of individuals across the world. There are different forms of media and each of these works together towards achieving their main objective which is open communication.

The media helps to educate people in the society. This is because it is a tool that can reach many people and they hence spread educative messages that will benefit people.

The media is also informative. It gives information to people about various things that are happening around them. This helps to reduce ignorance among people.

Another benefit of the media is that it helps to give weight to public opinion. Members of the public can air their views about various matters through various media channels.

The media also helps to protect the public. This is through creating awareness of various things that are happening around them.

The media is also beneficial in promoting and maintaining democracy. This is because they watch out for any instance of oppression of the public and create awareness about it.

Media greatly aids in communication. Various forms of media create a platform where people can get their messages across to many people.

Media also act as a watchdog in the society. They are able to identify, condemn and rally people against various evil doings that are happening in the society.


The media is a tool that has many benefits that it offers if it used for the right purpose. However, different media platforms should ensure that they place the interests of the public ahead of theirs to ensure that the media remains a voice of the people.

Importance of Media – Essay 2.

Media is the word termed for sources from which to get information or news.

  1. Print Media is about having the information printed on paper, Newspapers, journals are the main sources of this type of medium.
  2. Radio is the audio source of information. The news or other entertainment pieces are read out in a radio station and transmitted across the region, nation or even globe.
  3. Television is an audio visual medium to transmit information or entertainment. The programs can be recorded in a studio or it can be transmitted live to the audience across the globe. Television as a medium has gone through a lot of change by moving from analogue to digital transmission.
  4. Internet is a mix of audio, visual or audio-visual media or print media even, just in a digital format. Social media involves everyone that has access to internet. These platforms form a huge network of information transmission.
  5. Any media of any kind helps spread information far and wide. With so many sources, the entire spectrum of public is covered.
  6. Just like helpful information can be shared in a fraction of a second, it is important to be aware that rumours and misinformation can easily spread like wildfire and cause panic and damage to a disproportionate extent.
  7. The good part about media in the modern world is that the connectedness to society is very high and any information of any consequence is easily available at your fingertips.

Media that we have today are of varied nature and often aggressive making the transmission of information very speedy and precise.

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