Education: Its Meaning and Importance

What is the meaning of Education?

Education refers to the intellectual and moral training that systematically enlarges the spheres of knowledge, develops character as well as mental faculties and evolves a definite pattern on relationship between an individual and the society.

Education refers to the systematic process of teachings, training, and guiding students to acquire knowledge, skill and understanding through practical experience or deep study on a subject, especially at schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.

Education may be in the form of studies at school and colleges, or it may be acquired through real-life working experiences. In simple words, education refers to:

  • the process of teaching,
  • the process of learning or knowing something valuable,
  • and the knowledge or skill that is acquired in the process.

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Why Education is so Important in our life?

The importance of education in our life is briefly given below in points:

1. Education encourages to take a broad view of life. Education, when it is pursuit of knowledge, becomes a definite process of enlightenment that aims at liberation of the ego. It enables an individual to look at things from others point of view as well. It helps to come out of petty issues and take a broad view of life.

2. Education encourages intellectual and moral approach to life. People start understanding the cause and effect principles that governs the various aspects of nature. People develop their mental capacity to think and understand complex ideas. They often develop smart solutions to complex issues. The high-minded educated person follows the virtuous path and hold high principles in his conduct. (Also read: Short Speech on Importance of Moral Education)

3. Education lays the foundation for a social being. Human-beings love the company of other human-beings. They cannot survive alone. Every person on earth should follow social norms. They should be ready to help each other. Education help in the development of a person in relation to the society in which he is born and brought up. Education helps to develop individual initiative and spontaneity and group co-operation.

4. It help to earn the material needs of life such as food, clothing, shelter, etc. Statistics suggest that educated people gets better career opportunities. This enables a person to fulfill the material needs of himself and his family.

5. Education builds character, moral values and personality of a man. A person of good character and high moral values always respect and take care of others. He is always ready to help those in need. (Also read: Importance of Moral Values in Student Life)

6. Education impart training and equip a person for living a successful life. It makes a person to fit into the constantly changing pattern. Apart from general education, vocational and technical education is in vogue. Vocation and Technical education enables a person to develop specialized skills for a particular trade. Hence, they get better employment opportunities in comparison to unskilled workers.

7. The children can learn the essential minimum through education at schools. The goal of Primary education is not to make the studies a load but to make it attractive and interesting. If the children learn through games and stories, they get pleasure and thus learning becomes interesting. (Also read: Short Essay on Importance of School Education)

8. Education is essential if a boy or girl want to study independently. He or she can form own opinion and can learn to behave properly. He can learn to respond to various situations in an effective manner.

9. Education integrates physical and mental development. Education is important for complete development of mind, body, spirit of a child. Health education is an essential part of modern-day education. This is for balancing the intellectual and physical development of the students.

10. Education imparts discipline in a person. Every student is expected to behave according to the pre-defined code of conduct of the school and college. Transgression of the rules of discipline may entail punitive measured by the teacher.

11. A well-planned system of education helps a child develop his intellect. The student:

  • develop eagerness to listen to what the teacher says,
  • try to understand what the teacher said,
  • develop the power of retention by trying to remember of what is learnt,
  • learn to discuss on a subject matter,
  • learn to acquire full knowledge of the lessons
  • grasp of the underlying truth of what has been taught.

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