Comparison between Traditional Society and Modern Society

Traditional Society and Modern Society

The following are the points of difference between traditional and modern societies:

1. Traditional societies are technologically primitive. They have little amount of control over nature and environment. These people are practically at the mercy of the nature.

Modern or contemporary society enjoys the usage of advanced technology. People have greater knowledge of the various components of nature.

2. Traditional societies are comparatively simple. There is less division of labour and specialization.

Modern society is characterized by specialization and complex division of labour.

3. Traditional societies were basically agrarian societies. The society consisted of small and poor communities, depending on pastoral activities or on subsistence agriculture.

Modern societies are large communities. They are industrialized and have a bigger command over resources.

4. Traditional societies are predominantly rural.

Modern industrial societies are predominantly urban.

5. In traditional societies, the scope for specialization is limited. Each person tends to occupy few social roles. These roles themselves tend to be many-sided. The same person may be directing the agricultural operations, making clothes, building a house, taking part in hunting and fishing and teaching boys the way to do these tasks.

In modern industrial societies kinship roles are comparatively less important. There is wider scope for specialization. Each individual has certain roles to be played. The social structure is highly complex.

6. In traditional societies kinship is the dominant institution of the social organization.

Though kinship is still very important in modern societies, it is only a little part of the total social organization.

7. Traditional societies are typically illiterate.

Modern societies are generally literate.

8. There is absence of Mass media in the traditional society. Communication takes place by word of mouth.

In a modern society mass media like internet, online videos, newspapers, radio and television, etc. becomes vital.

9. In traditional societies the knowledge and information were shared with few people.

In modern society, a large number of people share knowledge through the books, internet, films, etc.

10. A traditional society is culturally uniform. There is diversity between local cultures, but not within them.

A modern society is characterized by a variety of sub-cultures.

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