Birth Certificate | How to Apply for a Birth Certificate?, How to Modify?

Birth Certificate: A birth certificate is one of the important documents for any individual in the country. It proves the date of birth of the person. When a person is born, the birth certificate acts as his/her first identity which represents the place, date and time at which the person was born. This document comes in use in various upcoming verifications in his/her life. Sometimes Class 10th marksheet is also considered as a proof of date of birth.

A birth certificate is a certified copy of registration of birth of a person. It can be easily downloaded through the government website. Parents who have a newborn child can go to the website and register for a new birth certificate.

There is an option available for those individuals who have lost their birth certificates. Also, if any person wants to change any details or make a correction or modification, they can also access the website online and do the changes.

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How to Apply Online to Get a Birth Certificate?

Although when a child is born, the birth certificate is generated for the child signed by the hospital authority which declares the date of birth in it. Still sometimes due to unforeseen conditions parents are not able to get the birth certificate of the child right after the birth. But they always have the option to get the certificate by applying online.

Step 1:

To apply online for a birth certificate follow the below-given steps

  • Go to the official website:
  • Select the option for New registration
  • You will be redirected to a new webpage
  • Enter all the details correctly such as:
    • Date of Birth
    • Full Name
    • Gender
    • Place of birth
    • Father’s/Husband’s Name
    • Permanent Address with Zip Code
    • Postal Address with Zip Code
    • Contact Number
    • Email id
  • After entering the details correctly, click on the submit button
  • The screen will pop-up a message for the confirmation of details.
  • Verify all information before submitting
  • will coordinate and facilitate form filling as requested and will correct any mistakes and send error msgs via SMS and Email.
  • will send forms via email and post and will record proof of delivery for future reference.

Step 2:

  • In the next step, the individual has to confirm the shipping address.
  • After the confirmation, the birth certificate will be sent by the officials in this particular address only.
  • No other changes will be made in address after the final submission
  • You will receive the following documentation to your designated address.
  • Fully completed forms.
  • Fully accompanying documentation checklist.
  • Local Government offices address and contact details.
  • Full customer support line and Agent mobile number

Step 3:

  • After the confirmation of the shipping address, the individual will be directed to the payment page
  • Here, you will get the application number along with other details which you have mentioned in the application form
  • Also, you will be provided by a tracking ID, by which you can track your order for a birth certificate
  • An SMS will also be sent to your mobile number
  • Application Fee Including Speed Post Charges is Rs. 476.00.
  • Click on the PayNow button and pay the fees as per your choice of payment mode.

Step 4:

After making the payment, the individuals have to send the documents by post to the office address.

Important Points

  • Applicants should take a print out of the application and duly signed with all required Documents to be concerned by the Government office.
  • The Online facility of application submission, upload documents, payment fees, slot booking, etc., does not complete the process of issue of birth documentation or any other service requested. The applicant has to compulsorily visit the concerned Government office to finish the process of issue of Birth documentation and/or any other associated service.
  • Applicants are requested to note that after completion of all stages mentioned under ‘Applicant stages’, the applicant has to visit the concerned Government Office, along with the necessary documentation to complete the remaining process.
  • You will Receive Complete Forms Within 7 – 10 Working Days.

How to Apply for a Lost Birth Certificate?

If you have a birth certificate but it is lost due to unforeseen reasons, then also you can apply for a new birth certificate online. You need to follow the same procedure as we have mentioned above to apply for new registration.

  • Step 1 – Fill the application form with correct information and submit it
  • Step 2 – Confirm the shipping address to which the Birth certificate will post.
  • Step 3 – Make the payment for the application fees through various online modes available.
  • Step 4 – Send the necessary documents via post to the head office.

Once the verification is done and required documents are received by the officials, they will release the Birth Certificate to your shipping address.

How to Modify/Correct Existing Birth Certificate?

Sometimes you already have a birth certificate but still, it is not considered as valid due to incorrect details. Hence, it cannot be shown as proof of date of birth.

There could be many changes or modifications which are required to be done in the birth certificate such as Name, Date of Birth, Address, Place of birth, etc.

All these changes can be done in the same manner as we have done for applying for new registration or missing birth certificates. Follow the same steps and your corrected birth certificate will be delivered to you at the mentioned address.

Birth Certificate of Contact Information

For more information, you can also directly contact the official authority of the Online Birth Certificate.

Birth Certificate

FAQ’s on Birth Certificate

Question 1.

What is a Birth Certificate?


A birth certificate is a certified copy of registration of birth of a person. When a person is born, the birth certificate acts as his/her first identity which represents the place, date and time at which the person was born.

Question 2.

How to apply for a Birth Certificate?


Apply through the government website.

Question 3.

What is the application fee for a Birth Certificate?


Application Fee Including Speed Post Charges is Rs. 476.00.

Question 4.

How to make corrections or modifications in the Birth Certificate?


Go to the official website. Enter the correct details and submit them. Mention the shipping address. Pay the application fee. And send the necessary documentation to the officials. After the verification process is completed, the corrected or modified Birth Certificate will be sent to your address.

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