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Notice Writing Format and Writing Tips

There are two means of communication, Formal and Informal. Notice writing is a formal means of communication. The purpose of notice writing is to bring to notice a certain piece of information to a group of people. They are generally pinned in any common area where the concerned people can read them. 


It is one of the common methods of communication. It gives important information about something that is about to take place or has taken place. It is usually meant for a wider audience and is put up in a public place for easy accessibility.


What is a Notice?

Notice is a formal, written, or printed announcement for a group of people. It is written in a very precise language avoiding any extra details. 


Basically, notices are a tool for disseminating information regarding any occasion or issue. They reach a large number of people in less time, that is why they are precise and brief in nature.  


If it will not be precise, then the readers might not devote so much time only for reading it. And, it must be an art of a writer that he can express a long message in the shortest words possible. Plus, being simple is an extra advantage. Make sure you do not include any extra details as it may misinterpret the real message. If you are still feeling confused, then check the format of the notice given below. With this, you will get a fair idea of writing a good notice. 

Format of a Notice

  1. Name of the Organisation –   It refers to the name of the institution of which the person writing a notice is a part. It is written on the top of the page, it helps the readers identify who issued the notice. 

  2. Title – ‘Notice’- This title says” notice’, It lets the readers know that they are going to read the notice.  

  3. Date – The date is written on the left corner of the notice after leaving a tile.  As the notices are formal communication, the date of issuing a notice is very important.  The date should be written in a proper format, which is clear and easily understandable.

  4. Heading –  Heading explains what the notice is about in brief. Heading should reflect the content of the meeting. It is just like a ‘subject’ of an email, which gives a synopsis or purpose of the communication

  5. Body – The body of the notice includes the main content for which the notice was issued. The body should contain all the necessary information required in the notice like the time of an event, venue of the event, and a date and it should be written in a passive voice without the use of first-person.

Example of Notice Writing

On the occasion of Environment day, the school has decided to organise a Fair. Nandita, the secretary of the environmental studies department, wants to call a meeting of the department students to discuss the details about the fair.

Chintels High School, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh


10 May 2020 


Meeting of the Environment Studies Society

On the occasion of Environment day, the school has decided to organise a Fair. All the students from the environment society are requested to attend the meeting on 11th May at 10 am in the auditorium to discuss the arrangements for the fair.



(Secretary of Environment Society)

Tips on Notice Writing

  1. A Well-Written Notice Must Inform the Readers About Five Questions

These five questions are considered the prime pillars of good notice writing, the first one is what is yet to occur. This will increase the curiosity of the readers and they will keep waiting for another question after this. Then, they obviously want to know the place of where the actual address is. 


After where, the place of when comes, then who comes into the picture. ‘Whom’ is the last one. Now, you can relate it to 5 crucial Ws. But, the writer needs to keep it in mind that all these are associated with each other so that a sequence is maintained and the reader can understand the complete meaning of it. 

  • What is Going to Happen

The notice should explicitly state the event or information about which the notice is written.

  • Where It Will Take Place 

If it is an event then a place should be mentioned with a complete address and landmarks so that the reader can locate the venue without any hassle. 

  • When It Will Take Place 

The time should be written along with the place, make sure the time is a very important part and should be rechecked before issuing the notice. 

  • Who Can Apply or is Eligible For It

The notice should state who it concerns and an unwanted crown can gather. It should be mentioned who all are eligible for that particular event on which the notice is issued. 

  • Whom to Contact or Apply to 

The issuing authority of notice should leave a piece of contact information for people to reach out to them.

  1. No Extra Details

Any kind of extra details is not required in notice writing, as it will only deviate people from the main topic. Notice has to be not more than 50 words.

  1. Follow the Structure

Following the notice writing format is highly recommended as it is uniformly accepted and could be noticed at once. 

  1. Appropriate Heading

Heading should be appropriate and should have content about the main purpose of the notice. If the heading is ambiguous people might get confused and leave the notice unread.

  1. Clarity

Even if the message is short, it has to be very clear to the minds of the reader. Sometimes in cutting short the message we lose the clarity. Notice has to be precise and accurate.


Thus, good notice writing is based on precise detail with no additional matter. Just like other write-ups, notice also has a structure that you need to follow while writing. Next comes a strong and appropriate heading, this can be a game-changer as it is the first one noticed by the readers. And, the last one is clarity, no need to explain that if a notice message is not clear it is of no use, so make it clear.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is Notice writing important?

Learning to communicate about some event or happening has to be written formally and precisely. Notice writing serves the purpose of communication on a large scale with a few important sentences. This is a kind of formal writing, so a writer has to be careful while picking up the right words. In addition to this, they need to make sure that it serves the purpose with good language. Thus, this is how to notice writing is important in terms of communication. 

2. When can we communicate using a Notice?

Notice can be written for an invite for any meeting, an announcement of some kind, issuing some instructions, appealing for something and may more reasons. A notice might be an oral or a written statement that has details of holding the meeting. When this circular is circulated among different people, a meeting has to be attended. Plus, this is also known as a letter that has a request for all the members to attend a meeting. 

3. When should the notice communication be used? 

There are several occasions when we can use notice communication, that includes school, workplaces, and more. Whether a slight head nod is required in communication or it has to be presented in front of a large group, notice writing has a big role to play. It helps you share ideas, build relationships, delegate responsibilities as well as manage teamwork. Thus, these are those areas where notice writing plays a crucial role in communication either informal or formal. 

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