Advantages and Disadvantages of Inventions of Science

Invention of science means the coming up of new useful processes, machines and improvements that did not exist there before. The end product must be something that is unique and of its own kind in the world of science.

Some examples of science inventions include medicine, cars, buses, trains, chemicals, radios, TVs, computers, ammunition, airplanes, arms and bombs.


Fast communication. With the invention of computers and phones, people are able to communicate with each other regardless of their location.

Fast transport. Cars, buses, electric trains and airplanes make it easier to travel across the world with much ease. One can travel over a long distance in a short period of time.

Increased productivity. Working with computers reduces the amount of time taken to have results. In the case of producing documents, it takes a shorter time to type rather than hand write.

Improved health. Most diseases are manageable due to the invention of science. Medicines have been discovered that aid to prolong life and also machines that support life.

Increased awareness. Science inventions have led to a better understanding of the world. People know about the existence of space and its nature as well.


Health impacts. The invention of some chemicals has increased the chances of health issues such as respiratory and skin diseases.

Increased chances of warfare. Most countries have acquired bombs, arms and ammunition, fighter planes and the like which have led to many dangerous wars with increased death of people.

Over-dependence on invention. Most people depend on invention to work. Others have gone to the extent of looking for robots to so their job.

Increased pollution. When computers are out of fashion and others are invented, they end up being damped which is a health hazard. The increased use of chemicals also causes pollution.

Increased competition. Powerful countries end up having unhealthy competitions on who is going to invent what first. This leads to enmity among nations.


Inventions have lead to the growth of the economies in the world as well as the education sector. It should therefore be embraced, but done in a sustainable way.

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