Udaipur Travel Tips: Know What To Do And Not To Do Before Visiting The City Of Lakes!


Udaipur in Rajasthan is popularly known as the ‘City of Lakes.’ It has many beautiful palaces, forts, museums, gardens, and places of sightseeing. This city is nestled by Aravalli hills and every palace is worth a visit for its stunning architecture and intricate work. It used to be a historical capital. Visit this city to marvel at the beauty and architecture of the palaces and museums. Lake Pichola and Lake Palace are the most popular attractions in the city. Beyond that there are many things which the touristers must know before visiting Udaipur. To ensure a hassle free trip, here are some of the best Udaipur travel tips which one must know before planning.

9 Essential Udaipur Travel Tips

Here are some of the best travel tips which one must keep in mind before planning a vacation in the city and enjoy a great time.

1. Best Time To Visit Udaipur

Best Time To Visit Udaipur

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The city gets very hot during the summer. The summer months are best avoided when you want to travel to Udaipur. Winter is the best season to travel to Udaipur. The weather is pleasant and you get the best view of the scenic spots in the city when you travel in this season. September to February are the best months to travel to Udaipur. You can enjoy the stunning view of Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, Doodh Talai musical gardens, and more.

The majestic gardens and lakes look picturesque and breathtaking when you visit them during these months. You can spend time at these places and enjoy the view along with the beautiful weather. All the hues of nature paint a beautiful picture making your visit worthwhile. The sunsets at the Jag Mandir palace are not to be missed. You can also shop for crystal artworks and many handmade textiles from local markets.

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2. Best Way To Commute

Best Way To Commute

You can enjoy sightseeing Udaipur at your own pace. Those who love hiking and driving around can hire a scooter or a bullet and cruise around the city at your own pace. You can hire a taxi as well to go sightseeing in the city on your schedule. Group tours are not recommended as you will not enjoy the beauty of exploring the city leisurely.

Spend time at the lake for as many hours as you want, take pictures, and soak into the beauty of architecture and landscapes of the palaces and gardens. Get a glimpse of the local culture and heritage by choosing to watch locals, their lifestyle, and culture. You will not be in a rush if you choose your schedule and not sign up for tour groups to visit places of interest as you can organize your itinerary and go about it.

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3. Choices For Accommodation

Choices For Accommodation

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Stay in a palace hotel if the budget suits you as this is an extraordinary experience you can have visiting Udaipur. Choose a lakeside budget hotel if you want to experience Udaipur at its best. If you are a solo traveler you can choose a homestay or a hostel that provides home-cooked local cuisine. This is one of the best options to experience the famous Rajasthani cuisine.

Hotels and guest houses are available at a budget price. You can choose a heritage villa by the lakeside or jungle to get the best view of nature and wildlife. Holiday homes and budget guesthouses close to the tourist places are the best accommodations you can choose in Udaipur. Luxurious hotel palaces organize many entertainment options for guests to stay.

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4. Do Not Say Anything Bad About The Fatehnagar

Do Not Say Anything Bad About The Fatehnagar

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Fatehnagar lake is a popular picnic spot where people chill and relax. Do not say anything bad about the lake or Fatehnagar as people get offended. This is the place locals love for its serene beauty and romantic history. Do not speak ill about the culture or heritage of Rajasthan. People in the city are conservative and might not welcome your comments.

When you visit religious places cover yourself and wear traditional Indian clothes. Take your shoes off before entering any temple in Udaipur. If you are visiting a Gurudwara cover your head as it is considered a mark of disrespect if you do not follow these rules. Avoid wearing short clothes or sleeveless clothes when you are visiting religious places in Udaipur.

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5. Take Heritage Walks At The Palaces

Take Heritage Walks At The Palaces

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The Monsoon Palace, City Palace and many other royal palaces have opulent gardens where you can take a heritage walk and know of the history and culture of the palace. Take note of the architectural details and artworks of these palaces which are built in the Indo-Mughal architectural style and have distinct features. Rajasthani architecture is unique and intricate, unlike what you would see in different historical monuments.

Soak into the grandeur of these palaces and enjoy the scenic view of the sunsets of the lake palaces. A few palaces are built with European and mixed architectural styles like the City Palace. Every palace has distinct features and design elements that you can take note of. Udaipur is one of the most suitable places to take a romantic holiday. You can attend the light and sound shows organized at most of the historical palaces in the city.

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6. Bargain And Do Not Act Ignorant

Bargain And Do Not Act Ignorant

Local markets are the best places to shop for handicrafts. Bargain at half the price and do not act like a tourist as you are likely to be scammed. Keep your belongings safe from pickpockets. The Hathi Pol Bazaar is one of the most famous street markets in Udaipur to do some street shopping. You can shop for souvenirs, textiles with bandhani prints, and get good deals by bargaining.

A rule of thumb is to always bargain even when you go to shops as you can get items at a good price. Do not accept hospitality from strangers or any free food or drinks from them. When shopping for expensive items like jewelry do not accept exaggerated hospitality as it is done to lure the customers to buy cheap items at a high price. Check the worth of the metal before you want to buy expensive jewelry or items.

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7. Do Not Walk Alone In The Night

Do Not Walk Alone In The Night

Though Udaipur is safe for solo women travelers it is advised not to venture alone after 20.00 hours. Pubs and lounges are open up to the wee hours and are not ideal places to venture alone. You can leave the solo hiking to day time. Carry maps, GPS, and know-how to read the signboards when you visit Udaipur. Avoid wearing scanty clothes even during the day time. Wear comfortable and unrevealing clothes to avoid stares from the locals.

You are likely to get stares from the locals as they do it blatantly. Do not wear any clothes that can invite trouble or make them pass remarks. Locals are friendly and traditional. Respect the traditions of the place and do not mingle with strangers. Avoid autos or rickshaws who want to show you a good place to stay. You are likely to find beggars in front of the historical places, do not encourage them.

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8. Always Keep Cash And Change

Always Keep Cash And Change

Most of the places you shop at or want to eat might not accept credit or debit cards. Keep cash handy. This is one of the best ways to experience the local life and culture. Avoid drinking tap water as it is not safe. Always ask for bottled water at the places you eat. There are many local markets to shop for sculptures, sarees, cushion covers that have Rajasthani needlework.

Savior the street food at Fatehnagar. There is a list of local foods you can relish such as Jalebies, Kachori, daal baati, Dabeli, Chaat, chai, and paan. You can eat the Rajasthani thali at the restaurants that offer vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. Enjoy the Thandai which is a Rajasthani traditional drink at the eating joints.

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9. Only Use Licensed Guides

Only Use Licensed Guides

Check the photo ID of the guides before you opt for one for touring. Do not accept auto wallas or the rickshaws to tout you towards the tourist guides or coax you into shopping more. You must be alert when traveling in busy areas and check for the authenticity of the items you shop for. Only buy travel tickets from authorized dealers. Get a receipt for every item you purchase. You must know that most of the people in Rajasthan are known for their business acumen and only mean business.

You might not even get the information about a route for free. You might be charged for asking the route. Do not get offended as this is a common practice found in Rajasthan. You might not get any information for free. There are no freebees in Rajasthan as they are known to be business people. Though hospitality is high, these are pointers to keep in mind when you travel to Udaipur. Water will also be charged in restaurants.

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Udaipur has the most stunning manmade lakes and beautiful palaces. This is one of the most romantic cities to visit for its architecture and landscape beauty. Do not forget these travel tips to enjoy your vacations in Udaipur like a local. So, now when you plan a vacation in Rajasthan, make sure to visit Udaipur and enjoy a great time exploring the beauty of the place without any hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Udaipur Travel Tips

Is Udaipur safe for women at night?

Udaipur is a safe city but do not venture anywhere alone at night.

What is the best time to visit Udaipur?

Winters months are the best time to visit Udaipur. November to February has the best weather to view the scenic lakes and landscapes of the city.

What are the best areas to stay in Udaipur?

Choose areas near the lake palaces for as staying in Udaipur. There are many budgets as well as luxury options in these areas.

Do they accept credit cards in Udaipur?

Most of the restaurants and places of sightseeing only accept cash. Very few places accept credit cards.

What type of clothes to wear in Udaipur?

Pack light clothes even when you are visiting during the winter season. The weather is chilly but not very cold.

How many days trip can you plan to Udaipur?

You can plan a 3-4 days trip to Udaipur to view places of sightseeing and explore the cities delights.

Which are romantic places to stay at Udaipur?

Oberoi Udaivilas, Leela Palace, and hotels near Jag Mandir palace are the most romantic places to stay in Udaipur.

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