Trekking In Alaska: Explore The Wonderful Wilderness Trails In The State


Alaska is commonly referred to as the land of stunningly scenic views, vivid culture, and of wondrous natural phenomenon. Regarded as the frosted paradise of the Earth, Alaska is where an adventurer would feel a sense of belonging within the frozen glacier trails of the Alaskan state. Adding to the ethereal displays brought together by a wide range of flora complemented by an equally beautiful array of exotic fauna, Alaska offers more to explorers than what meets the eye. With over a dozen trails within the state, trekking in Alaska dominates the bucket list of those who find beauty within the frozen landscapes and all for a good reason.

10 Best Places For Trekking In Alaska

As a tribute to the exquisite natural sights within the state, we’ve compiled a list of the best treks in Alaska, to indulge the adventurers at heart. Here is the list of the best places for trekking in Alaska :

1. Journey to Oz

Mountain peak

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The Journey to Oz is one of the more popular trekking trails among the Alaska state. Justifying its name, the sights through the adventure almost ushers the fantastical land of Oz into reality. Sporting some of the most stunning sights of the St. Elias National Park terrain, the journey through what locals call ‘Oz’ is something that is certain to give you a sense of magic. Adventurers who opt to witness what this trail has to offer are bound to experience astoundingly beautiful crossings through icy glaciers, horizons soaked in vivid hues and occasional glimpses of impressive fauna.

The journey starts at the edge of the Lakina River in Wrangell Mountains with the peak of Mt. Blackburn glaring at the adjacent fields. Hiking towards the mountains, trekkers arrive at a collection of alpine passes that seem so out of a children’s storybook that locals refer to as ‘Oz’. It is perfect for anyone wishing to acquaint themselves to the best of what the state has to offer by putting in comparably moderate efforts.

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2. High Pass Odyssey

High Pass Odyssey

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The High Pass Odyssey is the perfect trail for experienced trekkers who wish to test their limits against the overwhelming might of nature. As its name describes it to be, the High Pass Odyssey is a satisfying and eventful journey that leads one straight into the nourishing arms of nature. Starting at the heart of the Wrangell Mountains, backpackers are given a chance to explore and test themselves against the varying and challenging terrains while experiencing the jaw-dropping scenic displays that the endless array of the mountains bring together.

Opting backpackers will be experiencing a glacier-filled lake drowned in complementing shades of blue and white and the flamboyant fields on their climb to the high Alpine pass. The 8-day journey ends on the Skolai pass which is regarded as the Mecca of wildlife within Alaska and boasts of brilliant spectacles of fauna.

3. Seven Pass Route

Seven Pass Route

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For an explorer who is seeking to infuse a twist of historical significance within their hiking adventure through the natural, the Seven Pass Route is the ideal choice of trail. Hiking through a varying mix of Alaskan terrain, the Seven Route Pass trail is recommended only for the experienced trekkers who meet the physical conditions that the trek demands. Starting at the historically reputed Bremner gold mine within the Chugach Mountains, the Seven Pass Route takes the hikers on an exciting adventure through high passes and the lush Tundra as it transitions to a land of massive glaciers, ending at the magnificent sight of the glacier lake. Shifting through the different terrains of the Alaska state, the Seven Route Pass provides a significant challenge to even the seasoned hikers and provides them with an opportunity to test their will and strength against the arduous trials of nature.

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4. Alpine Scrambling

Alpine Scrambling in Alaska

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Trekking in Alaska grants one with many wondrous sights, most of which are found in the Alpine Scrambling Trek. The Alpine Scrambling trail is tailor-made trail for the veteran hikers who have recently ignited a fiery passion towards mountaineering. Featuring a few non-technical climbs to the Alaskan summits, the Alpine Scrambling trail teaches the basics of mountaineering to any budding adventurers wishing to acquire the skill for the same. Starting at the core of the Chugach Mountains, the Alpine Scrambling journey is dedicated to exploring the unexplored and to experiencing the thrill that comes along with it.

Hiking through the wilderness of the mighty ranges of the Chugach Mountains, the Alpine Scrambling trail is arguably the most thrill-filled adventure that a backpacker can indulge in within the state of Alaska. Hikers will be conquering peaks standing in the 6000ft to the 7000ft range to witness spectacularly brilliant views of the range of mountains in the distance along with the stunning Tundra that lays beyond.

5. Wrangell Mountain Majesty

Wrangell Mountain Majesty view

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The Wrangell Mountain Majesty trail is unique in its own right considering the fact that it marks its official beginning by taking the participating backpackers through an aerial spectacle of the land encompassed by the glory of the Wrangell Mountain Range. After being the personal witness to the radiant display of exquisite sights within the collective range of the Wrangell Mountains, backpackers catch a glimpse of the Pyramid Peak as they embark on a hike towards the intricately designed natural marvel.

Encompassed by the guarding spirits of the mighty mountain ranges, hikers edge around the Pyramid Peak to enjoy sights of a marvellous view of wildflowers, complemented with hanging glaciers and snowfields in the distance. Looming over the shoulders of the Andrus Peak, the journey concludes at the historic site of Chititu gold mining camp, surrounded by abandoned mine shafts that represent the vivid and ambitious stories of their past.

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6. Donoho Peak Wilderness

Donoho Peak Wilderness view

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Explorers who wish to explore the wilderness and beauty that Alaska offers with minimal prior hiking experience, should try the Donoho Peak Wilderness Trek. Starting at the Wrangell St. Elias National Park, the trail begins with impressive sights of the local wildlife. As the journey progresses ahead, backpackers witness the vibrant sights of the majestic and soothing trails of the Stairway icefall that extends over a kilometre in length.

Along with the opportunity to explore the ice-clad fields of the Alaskan country, opting candidates are also bestowed with a chance to climb the famed Donoho Peak to take in the magical views from the converging point of the Donoho Mountains. The trip proceeds to the historical Regal mine that is brimming with stories of the past. Along with the significant attraction that adorns the trail, the Donoho Peak Wilderness trek is also littered with an impressive mesh of streams and moulins of the Root glacier. If you end up Trekking in Alaska, this is a trail that you can’t afford to miss.

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7. Upper Chitistone Goat Trail

Upper Chitistone Goat Trail

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The Upper Chistone Goat Trail is perfect for backpackers who wish to go beyond and explore the less traversed regions of Wrangell. Boasting of some of the most detailed and spectacular sights offered by the Wrangell St. Elias National Park, the Upper Chistone Goat Trail begins in the Hole-in-the-Wall glacier region where the backpackers are dropped off through a bush plane. The trek follows the ‘Goat Trail’ which is as naturally gorgeous as it is historically significant.

This trail is known to be moderately challenging to the participating hikers, given that it explores varying terrains that cuts through the icy glaciers to reach the pristine Tundra of the Skolai Valley. The Upper Chistone Goat Trail is known not only for offering some of the most stunning sights to backpackers but also as a journey to explore oneself within the embrace of nature.

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8. Glacier and Tundra Backpacking Trip

Glacier view

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The trails through the Glacier and Tundra Backpacking trip is the most effective way to interact with the wilderness of the Alaskan region. With opportunities to explore the fauna within the Wrangell St. Elias National Park and to witness the frosted landscapes of Alaska, the Glacier and Tundra Backpacking trip is ideal for anyone who wishes to quench their thirst of adventure, all the while exploring the wondrous scenic views that encompass the region.

Backpackers are given a chance to learn the basics of mountaineering and ice climbing as an optional activity at the end of the journey. The scenery through the trail effectively transitions from a lush green field extending to the horizons to the landscape blanketed by ice and frost. Added to the gorgeous views that the trail offers, the prerequisite experience is minimal and amateur hikers can make the most of the trail.

9. Root Glacier Overnight Adventure


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For anyone who wishes to explore the best edges of the Alaskan landscapes with minimal time devoted to it, the Root Glacier Overnight Adventure would be the ideal pick. Exploring the magnificent sights of the Kennicott valley and the Wrangell region, the Root Glacier Overnight Adventure delights the participating adventurers by giving them the opportunity to spend the night within the icy blankets of the Alaskan region, admiring the perfectly shaded night sky littered with brilliant lights of innumerable numbers of stars.

The trip ends at the Root Glacier where the hikers witness the soothing and calming region of glacier-filled frosted lands of the Kennicott Valley. Explorers can bear witness to the amazing naturally occurring sights of Moulins, crevices and pools that sport a deepened shade of blue.

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10. Chugach Mountain Circuit

Chugach Mountain Circuit

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If you wish to dedicate your trekking trip entirely to the ice-clad landscapes of Alaska to admire the beauty within the frozen then the Chugach Mountain Circuit is the perfect pick for you. Chugach Mountain Circuit offers a rugged trail for the physically fit to explore the brilliantly beautiful occurrences within the glaciers. Starting at the Iceberg Lake strip, the journey provides the backpackers with stunning views of the Chugach Mountains and also bestows upon them the opportunity to camp within the calming air of the glaciers. This trail is perfect for anyone who wishes to avoid any drastic elevation gains during their trekking trip. With moderate elevation gain, the Chugach Mountain Circuit is a relatively easy trek to conquer the same number of peaceful sights that one might find within other arduous treks within the area.

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Trekking in Alaska is probably the most idealistic dream for an explorer and given the wide range of trekking trails that the area offers, that dream is justifiable and idealistic. Along with the land of scenic beauty and exotic fauna and flora, Alaska also happens to be a safe haven for all the adventurers. Book your trip with TravelTriangle and have a great time trekking in the wild.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking In Alaska

Name the famous trekking trails in Alaska?

There are several trails for trekking in Alaska that you could go on including, Journey to Oz, High Pass Odyssey, Seven Pass route, Alpine Scrambling, Wrangell Mountain Majesty, Donoho Peak wilderness and many more.

Where does the trail of Journey of Oz start from and end in Alaska?

Journey to Oz is amongst the most famous trekking trails in Alaska. The trail begins from the Lakina River in Wrangell mountains and ends at the “Oz.” The “Oz” is the collection of alpine passes that seems like the scene from Wizard of Oz.

How long does one take to complete the High Pass Odyssey?

The High Pass odyssey usually takes about eight days. You would be able to reach the Skolai pass in Alaska after the completion of the pass from the central part of the Wrangell mountains.

What is the maximum height one going to experience while trekking in the Alpine Scrambling trail?

If you trek the Alpine Scrambling trail, you will have to encounter mountains that are 7000 to 8000 feet height.

What is the apt time to go trekking in Alaska?

If you want to go trekking in Alaska, it will be best for you if you go during the summertime. Not only the weather will be in your favor, but you will be able to complete the trails comparatively efficiently.

What category of shoes are best for trekking in Alaska?

You should not bring heavy leather boots with you if you want to trek efficiently. Try to bring lightweight hiking boots to trek quickly.

Which items are a must to sustain the Alaskan Glacier?

You would need woolen socks, Long underwear, pants, shirts, fleece jackets, raincoats, and many more.

How can you trek efficiently in Alaska?

Before going on a trek to Alaska, you should start your training well before your journey. You can practice by walking long distances or by training in your gym. If you walk along with a backpack, you would be fully prepared for the trek in Alaska.

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