Spend Your Autumn In Moscow And Get A Chance To Explore The City In Its Most Beautiful Colors


The city of Moscow is the perfect blend of art, culture, and history. This city is recommended for all those who have a traveling spree, especially the couples. Whenever you plan to visit Moscow, no matter what is the season, you will always get the best things to do and see as well as you will always get a unique traveling experience. Same goes with the autumn season, the magical beauty of the place will specifically amaze you in autumn.

When you plan to visit Moscow during the autumn season, then you will get a chance to explore the scenic beauty of the place and you can even get to enjoy the autumn festival. The autumn season in Russia starts from 1st September and stays till 30th November. It is even considered as the best season to visit Moscow.

Experience Golden Autumn In Moscow

Experience Golden Autumn In Moscow

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Once you have decided that you want to visit Moscow in the autumn, then it is sure that you will get surprised by the natural beauty of the place. When the reddish-gold hues of Autumn arrive, it is clear that the time has come when you can enjoy walking on frost-free pavements and sitting or playing in parks with squirrels just before the winter season.

If you are an outdoor person who loves to explore the beauty of the landscapes, then it is the right time to explore the magical golden autumn. Moreover, don’t forget to miss the Moscow nightlife.

7 Things To Do And See During Autumn

You can warm yourself up with hot tea, explore the local markets of the place, and enjoy outdoor walks during your trip to Moscow. Here are some of the things to do in Moscow that will make you want to come back!

1. Take A River Cruise

Take A River Cruise

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Autumn is the season to enjoy the river cruise, October is the last time till you can enjoy a river cruise. However, there is no exact date when the cruise is going to end, as it completely depends upon the weather. This river cruise will make you enjoy the magical scenic beauty of the city of Moscow.

Witness the mesmerizing colors of the city as you cruise around to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience here with your loved ones.

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2. Explore The Local Markets

Explore The Local Markets

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Explore the local markets of the city, Moscow. The dorogomilovsky market is the largest and the biggest market of the place and the most spectacular one. There are some smaller, local markets exist there with their own unique charm.

If you are a shopping spree then it is the time to explore the local markets and some big markets if the city. You will get something unique for sure. Autumn weather in Moscow allows you to enjoy the outdoor beauty along with the shopping such that you will have a wonderful experience of your life.

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3. Moscow Marks City Day

Moscow Marks City Day

Moscow marks city day is celebrated in autumn season on 7th September. If you are planning to visit Moscow then you can’t miss the celebrations of the Moscow marks day. It is a day when a big party is held in the city which you should join. If you are a foodie then it becomes essential for you as you will get lots of unique dishes to enjoy there in celebrations. There are free concerts all over the town on this day with lots of fireworks, great show, and pop. Make sure that you are visiting Moscow during the autumn season. You can’t miss it at any cost.

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4. The Moscow Parks

The Moscow Parks

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Autumn leaves are the most beautiful part of Moscow city. The blaze of colors, the red and golden hues will make you enjoy the wonderful scenic beauty of the place. Sparrow Hills, Sokolniki or the botanical gardens are some of the parks which makes you enjoy the scenic beauty of the autumn season.

If you are an adventurous person then you should visit Bittsa forest. It is a perfect national park for adventure geeks.

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5. Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks

The town consists of many cafes and restaurants which are known for their best foods. You can’t miss enjoying the wild mushroom dishes available in autumn months in Moscow. Some of the most popular Russian food includes wild mushrooms, delicious seasonal menu with porcini, honey mushrooms and much more. The place is also known for some exotic sorts of seasoning.

If you have sweet tooth if you love to enjoy sweet dishes then visiting honey fair is a must for you. Usually, this honey fair has been held from September to October. Here you can find different types of honey come from various parts of countries as well as the honey products. You will enjoy this special honey fair full with the sweet dishes.

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6. Something Special For Art Lovers

Something Special For Art Lovers

If you love traditional art, then visiting the Tretyakov gallery is a perfect place for you. The museum consists of the traditional art of Russia from ages. It is also a perfect place for history geeks. The museum also consists some seasonal arts which are displayed in Autumn season thus it is great to visit the place only in the autumn season if you want to get the best out of your trip to Moscow. If you love modern art then you should visit the Biennale at Manezh. The exhibition has been displayed from 20th September to 30th October. If you are a fan of modern art then you can’t miss this opportunity.

7. Simply Relishing The Natural Beauty


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Autumn is the best season to visit Moscow when the color of leaves starts to change. At this time, the place has its own charm, the golden autumnal hues will surprise you with the weather’s scenic beauty. At this time, there is less crowd thus you can explore the place at its best. The warm coats, the fluffy hats and the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes almost guarantee you the best experience of your life, you can have ever. It is the time when there is picturesque beauty all around in Moscow.

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Autumn is the ideal season to visit Moscow, a city with a perfect blend of history, nature’s beauty and much more. Autumn in Moscow arrives early, usually in September and with lots of energy. While it is recommended to take your warm clothes with you, the weather at Moscow is really surprising. So, pack up your bags and get ready to explore the nature’s beauty as you go on a vacation in Moscow.

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