Seychelles Beach Hotels



While most of the travelers out there might regard Seychelles as a pricey tourist destination, there are some budget beach hotels in Seychelles that are completely worth the overall stay. By planning out the entire vacation in advance, the tourists from all around the world can look forward to experiencing an unparalleled, unforgettable tour of their lives. Seychelles is a beautiful cluster of 115 islands scattered across the majestic Indian Ocean –lying off the east coast of Africa, quite close to the Madagascar islands. Having the history of once being an unrevealed piece of island, Seychelles has now become the most popular and highly sought-after tourist destination in the world.

The mesmerizing crowd-free pristine islands along with chalky-white, sandy beaches, prolific mountains, ultramarine ocean waters, and tranquilizing, serene environment all around –Seychelles is indeed giving a tough competition to the other leading beach destinations including Mauritius, Maldives, and others. While most of the breathtaking beaches of Seychelles boast sporting high-end, top-class hotels, searching for the best Seychelles beach hotels is a complex task. Most of the Seychelles islands are famous for the exclusive sunset beach hotels in Seychelles offering world-class hospitality and touristy experiences to the travelers from all the corners of the world. As such, the tourists from different regions of the world can look forward to making advanced bookings of the best beach hotels in Seychelles.

Special Experiences

One cannot beat the specialized experiences offered by the best beach hotels in Seychelles. There is something uniquely charming about staying at a lavish beach hotel by the beachside. The famous Seychelles islands of La Digue, Mahe, and Praslin are known for their high-end, luxury resorts and beach hotels. In addition to these, the travelers can also come across the great selection of the lavish family-run, highly affordable beach hotels that are quite close to the famous, world-class beaches of the archipelago. Most of the famous sunset beach hotels in Seychelles are known for offering world-class hospitality services topped with unique travelers’ experiences to enhance the overall feel of the stay. Some of the best-in-class cheap beach hotels in Seychelles that tourists out there can consider staying at including Coral Strand Smart Choice Hotel, Constance Ephelia, The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach, and Villa Chez Batista.

Exciting activities like diving, snorkeling, and kayaking accompanied by relaxing spa therapies, these hotels offer a perfect beach vacation. While staying at the best beach hotels on the Seychelles islands, the tourists can be assured of top-class hospitality services in the form of specialized experiences including fine dining, bespoke rooms, outstanding views, exciting on-premise activities, and so more.


As far as the facilities at the best beach hotels in Seychelles are concerned, there is no denying the unparalleled, world-class experiences being delivered to the guests from different corners of the world. The top sunset beach hotels in Seychelles are known for offering exclusive facilities and hospitality services to the visitors who are looking forward to witnessing the natural, breathtaking beauty of the Seychelles archipelago. Right from in-house bat facility to dry cleaning services, laundry services, complimentary breakfast, rooms with a view of the ocean waters, and so more –the beach hotels and resorts in & around the islands at Seychelles are highly sought-after by tourists from all over the world.


While staying at some of the top-class Seychelles beach hotels, the tourists also need to ensure the finest dining experiences for maximizing the overall stay. Thankfully, most of the famous islands in Seychelles are home to some of the finest multi-cuisine restaurants, and dine-out locations wherein the tourists from different corners of the world can relish upon delicious food items & drinks from all over the globe. Some of the top selection of the best-in-class restaurants in Seychelles includes Bravo Restaurant, La Perle Noire Restaurant, the Boat House, and so more. While there are top-class fine dining restaurants in & around Seychelles, the travelers can also come across some of the local dine-outs for getting a taste of the local dishes in Seychelles.


Q1. When is the best time to visit the beaches in Seychelles?

A. If someone is looking forward to experiencing the true joys of staying in Seychelles during the peak season, then one can make plans for visiting the island during the month of September.

Q2. Do the beach hotels in Seychelles offer watersports?

A. Yes, most hotels offer a range of thrilling water activities that guests can indulge in, including diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and kayaking.

Q3. Do these hotels have a travel desk facility to assist guests?

A. Yes, almost all hotels offer a travel desk to assist guests for any travel needs and provide suggestions for what beaches one must not miss out.

Q4. Do beach hotels in Seychelles offer dining facility?

A. Most of the famous beach hotels in Seychelles have the on-premise dining spaces & restaurants by the beachside to allow the guests to enjoy their full potential.

Q5. Do these hotels offer ATM services to guests?

A. Yes, most hotels have an ATM facility on-site or at a walkable distance from the hotel.

If someone is looking for experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime traveling experience, paying a visit to beautiful Seychelles & its mesmerizing archipelago is a must. By making advanced reservations in some of the best Seychelles beach hotels, the tourists can upgrade the overall stay more luxuriously. In addition to the wide range of exclusive facilities and world-class amenities being offered to the guests who are staying at the famous Seychelles beach hotels, these beach hotels & resorts are known for organizing frequent, on-premise activities and events for ensuring the ultimate entertainment of the guests. As such, the futuristic travelers to Seychelles must aim at ensuring advanced bookings for the best, cheap beach hotels in Seychelles. To top it all, most of these hotels in Seychelles offer unrivaled dining experiences to the tourists at the on-premise restaurants and dine-outs. One is sure to enjoy a memorable beach holiday while staying at these hotels.