Phuket Honeymoon Hotels



Phuket is not only known for its famous tourist destination places but also as the best honeymoon destinations where one can have a romantic escape with their beloved. The beautiful beaches, temples, forests and the sceneries would leave anyone mesmerized and would enhance that spark of love between the couples. One can easily spend a wonderful vacation here. There are many Phuket honeymoon hotels that would make for a perfect stay while on a romantic vacation. These honeymoon hotels are known for high-quality services and many additional facilities that can be availed by the couples during their stay.

Some of the best Phuket honeymoon hotels are the Bay Exclusive hotel, Amari Phuket, Burasari Phuket, Lavender hotel, Aspasia, Ocean stone, Patong V hotel and many more. These hotels are famous for their amazing services and are usually preferred by visitors from all over the world while coming over to Phuket for a romantic getaway. These honeymoon hotels even have certain facilities which would make the stay in Phuket worthwhile and a memorable one.

Special Experiences

Phuket honeymoon hotels even have some of the best additional facilities that can be availed by couples during their vacation. Guests can have an amazing therapeutic couple spa in the wellness center like that of the Amari Phuket. There are even couple massage and sauna sessions available in the Ocean stone hotel. One can even have a relaxing sunbath on the sun loungers in the Patong V hotel and can even play a game of billiards or golf in the hotel. There are even fitness centers and outdoor pools available throughout the year in the Bay Exclusive hotel. These facilities can be availed by couples any time during their stay, and they can spend an amazing day in leisure due to these additional facilities. With these experiences and activities, one is assured an exciting vacation in Phuket.


The Phuket honeymoon hotels come with good room services and facilities. The rooms in the resorts are spacious enough and are even air-conditioned. The beach facing view from the balcony of the rooms make for a perfect view of the ocean out there. The room services are available 24*7 and are free. The bathrooms are not only hygienic and clean but also come with many accessories too. The Phuket honeymoon hotels provide free Wi-Fi to its customers so that they can remain connected with their family and friends. The rooms come with television, in-built refrigerators and bars and one can even find Jacuzzis in here. The hotel staff are friendly and would make the stay a comfortable one. With the plethora of amenities offered by the hotel and the cordial staff, one can expect a completely hassle-free stay.


The Phuket honeymoon hotels are known to offer some mouth-watering delicacies. As Phuket is a tropical place with lots of beaches, one can get fresh seafood dishes served here. The local cuisine in here can be found in the Phuket honeymoon hotels and should not be missed. Apart from the tasty seafood dishes, one can even get Indian, Chinese, European and continental dishes in here. The dishes are made by the topmost chefs and the signature dishes, or the chef’s special is worthy of the taste. The savory taste of the dishes would be no less than a treat to the taste buds. Some of the most famous tropical dishes and juices can also be found in the Phuket honeymoon hotels. The kitchens are up to the hygienic mark, and the dishes are made with utmost care by the chefs.


Q1. Do these hotels have on-site restaurants?

A. Yes, most of the hotels in Phuket feature an on-site restaurant where one can enjoy a variety of cuisines.

Q2. Do these hotels offer complimentary wifi services?

A. Yes, one can find complimentary wifi services in most hotels in Phuket, however, a few hotels may levy an additional charge.

Q3. Do the hotel staff converse in English?

A. The hotel staff is well trained to converse in English with the guests at the hotel.

Q4. Which are some of the best Phuket honeymoon hotels?

A. Bay Exclusive hotel, Amari Phuket, Burasari Phuket, Lavender hotel, Aspasia, Ocean stone, Patong V hotel are some of the best hotels in Phuket for a honeymoon.

Q5. Does one have to pay any advance while booking with these hotels?

A. Some of the hotels require guests to pay an advance amount while making a booking.

The Phuket honeymoon hotels are famous for their excellent services and hygienic conditions that are expected of a good hotel. The perfect view and the facilities that are provided would make the honeymoon in Phuket a comfortable and memorable one. Phuket would be the best honeymoon destination and to make it more splendid; the Phuket honeymoon hotels would be like icing on the cake. The spacious rooms, the sea view from the balconies and the outdoor activities provided would no doubt make the vacation a splendid one. With the variety of experiences that couples can enjoy at these hotels, they are sure to create beautiful memories with each other. Most hotels are located close to the beach giving guests an easy access to the coastal winds, and golden sand beaches along with some exciting shopping venues. Guests can also use public transport to commute that most hotel will happily arrange for the guests. Needless to mention, a romantic holiday in Phuket is sure to give couples a delightful break from their busy lifestyles.