India Travel Tips: Remember These Things Before Planning A Vacation To This Country!


India will be full of experience in all ways as this country is very busy and at the same time, it is confusing. It might take some time to adjust to the energy of the country and requires a lot of time to learn how to be healthy and safe. It truly has some remarkable and amazing sights to have a must-visit which are like different from all other countries of the world. It also offers a huge variety of delicious food, heart-warming welcome, incredible and rich culture and amazing people which makes this place a delightful visit to explore. India is a fantastic place to visit at least once in your lifetime. This country is full of vibrant colors. However, keeping a few India travel tips handy is always a good idea.

Here are some tips and tricks you should know before you visit India.

1. Don’t Try To Cover Too Much Ground

How to Reach Taj Mahal in Agra

One of the most crucial tips before visiting India is you should only include few places in your list instead of trying to cover up all India in your trip. Just add a few stops in your list to travel places. Spend more time exploring one place at a time rather than traveling in hassle. Sometimes all the time walking in busy places in India can make you feel hell tired and you might not get time to take rest.

So you need to plan time and days in your itinerary in such a way so that you get time for relaxing and recovering. People sometimes try to do so much in less amount of time, in that case, you may suffer from burnout and fatigue. Instead, take your time in such a manner so that you can explore few destinations more deeply, by this you can enjoy more. Also, you will get more opportunities to communicate with the local people and have interesting experiences.

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2. Be Prepared For Culture Shock

Cultural Shock

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When you first visit India, it is guaranteed that you will go through a cultural shock. Don’t even try to fight in India as it is useless. Instead of getting frustrated prepare yourself and try to adjust the things of the locals, they might not be the same in your country or so. It is better to open your mind and do not expect anything from the locals of India.

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3. Don’t Forget To Carry Some Essential Tablets

Essential Tablets

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Unfortunately, stomach infections is one of the common problems many travelers experienced when they have traveled to India. That is why many people call it Delhi Belly. No matter how careful you are in terms of your food and water or your body is not used to such tangy food of India. Array of bacteria are found in the water and food of India. That is why it is advised to carry your travel medicines with you when you are traveling to India. Don’t wait for you to get ill.

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4. Go Outside Of The Cities

Villages In India

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The main and largest cities of India are Mumbai and Delhi, they are the most exciting cities of India. It is advisable to go out of these cities and explore some small towns and villages located on the outskirts of the main cities. Visiting small villages would be altogether a new experience for the one who is traveling for the first time to India. You will get the clean air in small villages and towns, and can also experience that the pace of the life of the people staying in villages slower as compared to the life of the city people. This is going to be a different sight of Indian Culture.


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5. Cover Yourself And Dress Properly

Dress Well

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Mostly the temperature in India is warm and very hot sometimes. Moving and roaming in small dresses like miniskirts or crop tops is not advisable. India is a conservative country. Many unwanted people will show inappropriate attention to you if you dress up in a revealing way. It is also recommended if you are visiting any religious place such as temple, gurudwara, this kind of revealing dresses are not accepted. So it is better to pack your full-length dresses like pants, jeans and t-shirts, and shirts that cover your shoulders. To avoid sunburn also it is said to wear long sleeves clothes. As the weather is very hot in some months

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6. Get An Indian Sim Card For Your Phone

Sim card

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If you are having a contact number in India, it is easy for you to travel as it makes things easier. It would be easy for you to look up directions by using google maps, and you can even see reviews of the places you are planning to visit in India. Before visiting any restaurant you can immediately read about the tips and reviews of the restaurants like scam warnings and many more. When you land in India, it is advisable to buy a sim card with mobile data, this has to be your priority. But taking one sim card, it is used all over India.

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7. Be Aware Of Religious Scams

Religious Scams

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In many temples and religious places in India, the priest, and other people might force you to make a particular amount for donations or pressurize you buy sacred offerings. Some of the tourists might do as they say, because they don’t want to disrespect the culture of that place, but you don’t need to make yourself fool from all such scams. If they ask for the high amount it is sensible that this is a fraud not a spiritual offering. This is just a normal way of getting money from the tourists. So you have to be very careful while giving any donation or offerings in the temples.

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8. Stay Away From Pickpockets


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Whenever you are traveling in a busy city or place in India, be careful about your belongings. You have to be your on guard. Do not keep your wallet or any expensive things in your back pockets. It is recommended to keep all such expensive and valuable stuff either in your bags or in front pockets. This will not invite any pickpockets around you. Do not wear any expensive jewellery or any accessories. Just stay simple and carry only the basic stuff with you when you are walking on the streets of India.

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9. Chuck Out From Travel Scams

Travel Scams

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Many tourists has faced many types of travel scams in India. It is better to be aware of such travel scams in advance before you enter India as many people try to fool you. The most common scam is taxi or cab driver scam, in such case sometimes the drivers show up that he is not well aware of the directions even if the place is popular enough, so he tries to take more money from the traveler.

It is better if you know the address and location of place handy and in advance. You can even call up at the location to confirm about the rates of taxi from one place to another before you board a taxi. Some of the naughty people tell you the wrong address also only because they have a habit of teasing people who are coming from outside India.

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10. Don’t Expect Things To Happen On Time


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Always remember things in India takes place only when the authorities want them to take place. Like trains usually gets late they don’t run on their scheduled timings. Many people in India don’t reach or arrive at the places they are supposed to arrive on time, they take a long time as expected. It is very important to allow extra time for things to happen in India as they mostly get delayed due to the mindset of the people of India so that you don’t get frustrated. Make a habit of waiting in India.

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11. Always Buy A Filtered Bottle Of water

Mineral Water

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Unfortunately, many shopkeepers try to refill the water bottles with tap water just to save money and then they seal the bottle back and sell them back to the tourists. To avoid falling ill by drinking tap water filled bottle make sure you inspect the bottle before buying. If the bottles have plastic sea, only then it is advisable to buy otherwise avoid that bottle and move ahead to another shop for a filtered water bottle.

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12. Be Careful When Walking On The Sidewalk


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You will notice in most of the streets of India, there are sidewalks. Sidewalks are usually made for dogs or cats or cows and sometimes for rickshaw pullers or pedestrians. These sidewalks are poorly maintained, they may have big digs all over or not properly constructed and sometimes some sharp things are also moving out of the sidewalks. So it is important to be careful when you move in such sidewalks and watch your steps.

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The fact is traveling to India is tougher than traveling to any other country. You may feel exhausted and overwhelmed at the same time, so it is recommended to take care of all the tips mentioned above for having a smooth vacation to India. However, your vacation in India is worth going. As you will be able to see some fascinating views and meet some charming local people and you will get to know some history of heritage sites.

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Frequently Asked Questions about India Tips

Is India Worth Visiting?

India is a great value destination. You will get many things and places in India to explore. Yes it is a worth visiting place.

What is the best time to visit India?

The best time to visit India is during October to March as the weather is relatively pleasant as compared to other months.

What is India famous for?

India is famous for its diverse culture and different cuisines are offered in different states of India.

Which currency is used in India?

Rupees is used all over India.

Which is the best local transportation in India?

Buses are the most convenient and popular way for connecting from one place to another.

Is India safe for solo travellers?

Just you have to be careful of your belongings when you are travelling alone. Yes indeed it is a safe destination.

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